Oops I did it again….not.

So as I mentioned at the very bottom of a recent post, I was out-of-town for a work event last night. It was a big party of about 400 people, and a good time was had by all.

I was battling both emotional and physical illness this week. I worked from home on Monday and Tuesday morning until I had to leave for the airport, in a (somewhat vain) attempt to feel as good as I could. I rallied admirably, even though I felt like crap.

Doing all my requisite meeting-and-greeting and touring the venue, I managed to not make a direct beeline for the colleague I had kinda slept with. I kept my distance for two main reasons. The primarily one being he had a girlfriend and as much as I find him incredibly attractive, I’m not too keen on being with someone in a relationship. And two, in case I was weak and flirted or worse, propositioned him in some way, I didn’t want to be rejected.

Not to mention that the two of us hit it off like crazy and standing talking to each other all night (again) would have been pretty damn suspect.

So I simply decided the best thing would be to try to avoid him for most of the night, but at some point say hi and keep it quick.

Given I wasn’t feeling well, I alternated between bottled water and vodka with soda and lime. I think perhaps I had three drinks in four hours.

But, the time came. I was chatting and turned around and we were facing each other. He walked over to me, said “hey kiddo”, and gave me a big hug.


That was not what I expected. I asked him how he was doing and right out of the gate, he told me that his girlfriend of 2.5 years, whom he had moved in with and whom he had blended his family with, broke up with him. She was in love with someone else. He and his two kids were moving out.


It was very hard for me to keep a straight face. To be clear, I did feel empathy for this gorgeous, smart, kind man, and I commiserated as was appropriate for the situation. But my girly parts got excited at the thought. Actually, my brain got excited too. The night I first met him, we talked for hours. At the time, my internal monologue was super keen on finally meeting someone who seemed to be a good match (and as you may recall, it was hours later that he mentioned his girlfriend).

So, the flirting commenced. And he started it:

  • Him: Perhaps I should just come work for you.
  • Me: Um, I don’t think that would be a good idea.
  • Him: [Looking intently at me] Well, our one-on-ones would be interesting.

We teased around the notion of getting it on, but it was clear to both of us we wanted to. At one point, he said “oh, I so know what you are thinking right now”. I asked if that made me a) a bad person or b) inappropriate, and he said “neither”.

We broke apart, talked to others, then circled back again to one another. He had been drinking steadily and all I could think about with each subsequent drink was his lack of performance last time. He got a bit more bold and asked if I wanted to “mess around” and “get dirty”. “Yup”, was all I said in return.

He said he didn’t want any complications. I said that was fine and that I wasn’t asking for any commitment. He then joked that I should be “gentle with him”. My retort? “Emotionally or physically?”

I told him any time he wanted to go, I was keen. I gave him a key to my room and the room number. We were staying in different hotels, but they were all close by.

I was getting pretty tired so I left at 10pm, telling him to not dawdle.

Texting a girlfriend the news (single! coming by!), I was in my room by 10:15. At 11pm I decided to nap. The waiting was getting irritating, he was drunk and unlikely to be coming quickly, and I was tired. I also figured there was a good chance he wouldn’t come at all.

I woke up after midnight and turned out the lights I’d left on. When I woke up to an empty bed, I figured he had gotten too drunk, forgot the hotel address, or some such thing. I was disappointed only in that I was looking forward to having that luscious man in my bed, and I was really horny.

This morning I sent him an email saying “What happened to you last night? Get a better offer? ;)”

His response?

“Didn’t you hear? A buddy and I were walking back to the hotel and decided to stop for one more beer…I went to use the bathroom and a guy walked in behind me and sucker punched me…with something…because it sliced my head open and put me in hospital for the rest of the night.”


It’s true, by the way. He has stitches. I guess that’s a good reason he didn’t come by.

When my flight landed, I called to ask him how he was doing. He’s back in my city on Monday (he lives 90 minutes away) and we are going to have a coffee if it works.

All in all, I’m actually glad he didn’t come by. This guy has some potential – maybe – so it’s way better for us to meet and talk and get to know each other better. Perhaps with some fun on the side, of course, but if I’d had more drunk-after-a-party sex with him, I’m pretty sure I know what category I would always be in.

So, we shall see.

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    • Turns out he was robbed…the dude took all his photo ID and a credit card.

      Not quite the end to the night he was hoping for!

      And he totally missed out…I would have been VERY good to him 🙂

  1. Blue balls and a cracked head. Probably hungover, to boot.

    Have you ever been mugged? It’s a pretty harrowing experience. It stays with you for a long, long time–the feeling of powerlessness and shame. Lots of time spent in revenge-fantasy land.

    • Definitely hungover as well.

      No, I’ve never been mugged, thank goodness. Date raped (which I never wrote about) was as close as I got to that kind of violating experience.

      It’s a good point – I do wonder how he’s going to handle the experience.

  2. See if it was me? I would have crawled to your hotel, bleeding and broken, stitched myself up with a borrowed sewing kit from the hotel, washed off (most) of the blood, and come-a-knockin’. But that’s just me.

    So much opportunity… so little time.

    Hope you’re feeling better. The only thing worse than getting sick just after getting back from vacation is getting sick just before you go. Feel better soon.

  3. Everything happens for a reason, they say…and these days, I’m really in the mood to believe it! Curious to hear how this one plays out. 😉

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