More dirty from the dog trainer

Dog Trainer Part 1 and Part 2

I had a fun couple of hours with the Dog Trainer but when he left I felt a bit unsettled. Worse was realizing I was still not well at all, and even expending energy having orgasms took a lot out of me.

The next morning I woke up feeling terrible. Another day home from work, and I napped most of the morning. His first morning text message was:

“I’m so horny right now I just want to hold you down and fuck your two beautiful holes till I fill them with cum.”

Here’s the thing. Sometimes that’s super hot. Other times, if I’m sick and coughing and annoyed, it’s a bit different. No wonder men find women confusing. At least for me, it’s contextual…although I try to be consistent.

So we had this exchange:

  • Me: I have no doubt I would enjoy that.
  • Him: Fuck it was so good to watch you cum I definitely want to work on getting my whole fist deep in your pussy.

Note: yes, I have been fisted before, with a man with normal size man hands. This guy has NEVER managed to fist a woman, so now he’s on a mission with me.

  • Him: Show me how we it is this morning.

I was in a flannel nightgown. I felt like shit and I needed to go back to sleep. My pussy doesn’t wake up wet and I sure as hell didn’t feel like sending a pussy shot at 8:30am. So I said:

  • I will later babe…Am almost back asleep but didn’t want to ignore your text. Ttyl.

He sent a cock shot.

  • Him: I want to bite you and spank you and make you want every inch of me.
  • Him: I don’t like it when I don’t get to cum.

I didn’t see those texts because I slept for the next four hours. I texted him when I woke up. We exchanged some naughty photos and we talked a few times that afternoon. He suggested he wanted to come over again that evening. I said no, I just wasn’t up to it.

Oh yeah, his last ex was 22 (he’s 43). He also texted me out of the blue “when we go out for dinner you’re going to go with a butt plug in your ass”. Um.

I had to cancel the party I was going to have on Friday night. Instead, I decided I wanted to spend a bit more time with this big dog and see whether my first impressions were correct. At the very least, I figured I could get some great orgasms out of it.

On Friday during the day, there was (of course) more texting. Earlier I had told him about my gigantic red door stop and he told me he wanted me to use it in my pussy (training for his fist, you see). Here was an exchange we had on Friday morning:

  • Him: Get that wet pussy on that plug
  • Me: I’m not home yet
  • Him: Hurry up I’m horny. I’d have my fingers deep in that c*unt while you were driving home
  • Me: Then I would crash lol
  • Him: No you’d learn to concentrate on two things at once
  • Me: Well I do believe I’m capable of learning
  • Him: Good we should start by you learning to let me cum on your face
  • Me [inside voice]: are you FUCKING kidding me? Dude if you ask me again there is no way it’s ever going to happen.
  • Me: [texting]: lol stop asking me
  • Him: Nope can’t do it
  • Me: Oh I’m sure you are capable of learning too 😛
  • Him: You love certain things, so do I and I’m not willing to give that up, sorry. I think I can do a lot for you but you need to let me do things you may not enjoy to satisfy me. If you really want it to be all about you and the way you want everything to go I don’t think it’s going to work, babe.
  • Me: It’s not all about me. I need you to respect my boundaries and recognize they will take some time to expand. But I am willing to expand them. Now, I am back home. Before I do the work I have to do and go back to sleep, tell me what you want to see?
  • Him: You riding that big plug. Clothes pins on your nipples would be a bonus.

Which I did. The plug part, not the nipple part. I sent him some really naughty pics and he got off to them and then I napped. If he was coming over later I needed to be sure I was well rested.

He asked me to answer the door naked with my collar on (yes, the one from boob day) and with a small butt plug in my ass.

There was no way I was going to do that.

I did answer the door in a long sleeved white t-shirt, no bra, and black lace boy short panties (thank you hanky panky for boy shorts that look good on this ass).

We quickly got down to business. This time, I knew I was going to fuck him.

But it wasn’t the experience I expected…

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    • Turns out I gave him my illness. I warned him…and told him I’d been on the antibiotics for 72 hours. He said he had a strong constitution and wasn’t worried. But this morning he called to say he’s sick.

      So I was planning on saying sayonara today (my post tomorrow will help explain) but that seems mean. I can’t do what Andrew did to me, can I?

      • Excuse me, did you see how he is treating you? Why should you worry about what you do to him? You’re just telling him this is not going to work out. And if he asks why in a whiny voice, just tell him that him pushing boundaries and demanding things before creating trust isn’t him being a dominant but him being a jerk.
        Telling the truth is sometimes the best thing you can do to help someone out!
        (Ok, I know, doesn’t exactly sound like me, but I’ve had it with bullies who believe they are the greatest thing on Earth and we should be SOOOO happy the accept to play with us. He needs to learn that HE should be happy you let him play with YOU!).

        • Honestly Dawn, it’s one of my blind spots. I often don’t see all of the bad behaviour (yeah, some is obvious) or I tend to justify it somehow.

          I saw him again. It was not as bad (behaviour wise) as I thought it could be. But my gut tells me he’s not right. And here’s the crazy thing…and it’s so interesting to observe it…there’s another part of my head saying things like: oh, he’s kinda sweet in other ways, he could at least get you off, it’s nice to have someone be so into me, etc…

          I mean, really?! This is how I get myself into trouble.

      • Yup. You gave him fair warning. Getting rejected sucks whether you are feeling healthy or sick — waiting to do it isn’t going to make it easier on him.

      • Yes, you most certainly can bid him farewell (this has nothing to do with Andrew’s thing). What the hell is wrong with this man?

      • Oh crap, this is priceless. You shared your plague with him? The guy sounds like real tool and not up to your level of superior intellect, Ann. But if you’re into that sort of thing, and dont require equal abilities in conversation and mental stimulation, share away!

          • NO. Not me, too. Not to worry. I’ll let Savannah and Dawn deal with that stuff. What does my opinion count for anyway. Apparently, I have a lot in common with the dog guy (meaning Savannah and Dawn have had some fun at my expense)

            I’m fine with it, really.

          • Oh, poor little Will! Come here…
            Wait… something is wrong here. I’m pretty sure your wife mentioned you’re rather BIG 😉
            Now, to be fair, I never said anything about the Dog Walker’s intelligence. I just mentioned the fact that he was a bully, and that there is a difference between that and being a Dom 🙂
            As for you… yes, I may have gotten a bit carried away… but hey, you know your wife better than anyone, I’m sure you are not surprised to see that she is good at getting people where she wants them 😉
            I had a lot of fun tonight, and I thank you all for that. Ann, for providing the place, with the occasional snarky remark, Savannah for making me laugh in a way I hadn’t in days, maybe weeks, and you for allowing it to happen 🙂

          • Well, sorry I was late to the fun and games. Seriously, I doubt that Savannah or anyone was inferring that Mr Dog Trainer was some horrible guy. But, the impression that you (Ann) left us with doesn’t leave very many of us (who seem to truly care about you) with a good feeling about him.

            Dawn, I am wading through the hilarious banter between you and my wife and I must say that I am laughing from one post to the next. I spent the day in sub-freezing temperatures decorating the house and yard with Christmas lights so the humor is warming me up.

            Ann, I still have a coffee order to deliver and it sounds like you have some projects in need of my assistance.

            Regarding my height and other physical attributes? No comment. That’s Savannah’s perogative to share or describe. I have no need to control what she says or does. Besides, I give jer as much latitude as she needs with me with all that has been going on.

          • Ah, so that’s where you were! Decorating for Christmas! Would you mind coming over to mine to do the same thing? The temperatures are much nicer here 🙂 And while you’re at it, I wouldn’t mind a hot chocolate with some marshmallows on top, no cream. Thanks. 🙂
            As for the other attributes… you’re a good man to give her as much latitude as she needs. You know how far that latitude took you last time, right? To your first password protected post 😉
            But I recognise your caring ways with your wife, and appreciate it even more if it means we get to enjoy as well 😉

            And I’m glad we were able to warm you up a little bit. I have no doubt Savannah will finish the job skillfully tonight 🙂

          • I would gladly do your decorations! I have a feeling that hot chocolate in your area is far better than the mass production crap that we are subjected to, here. Also, real marshmallows are the only way to go!

            The latitude that she gave me for all of those miserable years is reason enough to allow her this now. The difference is that she is feeling joy and happiness where my inactions had the opposite effect on her. It is a win win for us both, now.

            You can enjoy all that Savannah feels inclined to share. Btw, I had my first password protected post today. 😉

            Yes, Savannah has more planned in order to warm my frozen body. Did I mention that it is COLD outside?

          • Ah, a good hot chocolate… start by mixing coca powder with just a little bit of warm milk, stir well, put back on the stove and slowly add more milk until you reach the desired consistency/taste… Add sugar to taste 🙂
            Thanks for the link on marshmallow making. I have been wanting to try for a while, wondering if it was feasible by myself… I don’t have time now, but I’ll save it for later 🙂

            Before you do decorations, I’d have to have any 😉 That’s the problem with moving around so much: it’s never in the right voltage/doesn’t have the appropriate plug 😉
            Not to mention the fact that I think most of them stayed with my ex. But that’s Ok, slow does it, I’ll buy some over time and will take it from there 🙂

            I’m glad you found a win-win situation in your marriage.
            And I meant the first time you felt the need to protect a post on your blog, regardless of who wrote it and whether you came back on another post to protect it as well 😉
            About the cold… I think I read something along those lines in your ‘sub-freezing’ comment. I know, I know, it’s an inference, but it’s an easy one to make 🙂

  1. Yeah, What Brad said!
    I think I wouldn’t even have invited him back. After all those texts and stuff? No thanks, I’ve had a man disrespect me and control my life for too long…
    Can’t wait for tomorrow to read how you got rid of him (there is obviously no other possible outcome in my mind 😉 ).

      • Ann knows my heart on this matter.

        I am feeling better today, but I am feeling a bit off my game. I good dismissal email (I’d like to call Mr. Dog Trainer, even) and let some of my frustrations out. 😉

          • I should sneak Will’s work conference call line and get that set up for the group-dump session. 🙂

          • He he! I haven’t dumped a man before. I have had some very colorful goodbyes with some women who I *thought* were my friends.

          • The only man I’ve ever really dumped is currently fighting me over money, though he lost the first battle 😉 All other ones were more in the fading goodbye category. So it would be novel for me too 🙂

          • Are we fantasizing right now, Dawn?

            I have been a bitch to Will in his darkest of dark moments and threatened him, but we were in serious trouble (you know the history) and I still feel terrible for threatening him. It felt like I was dumping him in my heart and it tore at my heart to consider how I was thinking. I’d have to say that was the closest to dumping anyone (I did have a few boyfriends before Will, but that was nothing and sending them off was uneventful).

            THIS is entirely different. This guy needs a good dumping – one that tells him that good women (especially vulnerable ones) are not here for this predatory-manipulation bullshit.

            I suppose that I have to wait to read the outcome. 🙁

          • May I rephrase something? You weren’t a bitch to Will in that moment, you were giving him a wake up call and standing up for yourself. It’s entirely different. The fact it tore at your heart is proof enough that you weren’t a bitch. A bitch would have left him with no remorse. Now, do click on that link I left above. It works in your case too 🙂
            Before my husband, I had had a few exes but more often than not, they were the ones who broke up with me. I was broken see, I thought so little of myself that if a guy wanted me, I should be happy and do what it took to keep him, including changing myself completely.

            But I agree. This guy needs a lesson, he needs to learn that you cannot treat a woman like this. And that men need to deserve good women, which he obviously isn’t putting any effort into achieving!

          • Thank you…but I know what I was doing to Will was wrong and it did do some damage to our marriage. You have to understand it wasn’t just what I said but how I delivered it to him. You won’t agree with me but it was wrong and it was said to make him hurt – and it did just that.

            I hope that Ann will listen to what we KNOW.

          • Ok, I don’t know the details of how you delivered it to him. But don’t beat yourself up too much. You were hurting, had been hurting for a while… and you were hitting bottom as well, it was a matter of suvival. The way you delivered the news is to be attributed to the deep uncertainty you felt about everything. It’s never easy to say ‘that’s it, I cannot take this any more, it’s either our marriage or me…’ I know. And believe me, being gentle while breaking the news is overrated if my experience is anything to go by. I had hope things could be amicable for about… a week… Don’t dwell on the past too much, don’t dwell on the hurt you caused him, just like he shouldn’t dwell on the hurt he caused you. Acknowledge it and move on. Enjoy being together and what that brings you now. Lucky you 😉 As for Ann… yes, we’ll have to wait and see I guess, but I do hope she hears waht so many of us are sensing! 🙂

          • Thank you Dawn. 🙂 We’ll just have to leave this one be (or take it offline) as it isn’t appropriate at this point for discussion on Ann’s blog. 😉

            Judging by Ann’s comments, I don’t think that hearing us is part of the equation. 🙁

          • Oh, I am not trying to give anything away. With what you did for me last night, I *know* that you listen.

            I keep forgetting about your Weiss Brothers-esque cliff-hanger style of posting.

          • Lol I didn’t realize I had a style!! I just figured they get too long and when I’m on a roll I will write a few at once. Doesn’t happen that often these days, though.

          • I can’t tell if you are being demure or are genuinely surprised. 😉

            You have a penchant for this sort of writing. I almost spoiled your ending (which you pointed out, btw) . !-)

          • Yes, I was thinking the same thing about it not being appropriate for Ann’s comments. I want to apologise to her.

            But I agree with you, it sounds like she didn’t head our concerns… though that’s hard to do before they’ve ever been written 😉

          • Oh, nothing to do with you I think, all to do with Savannah and Will. Which is why I said I apologised for taking up space on your blog 🙂

          • There are many women who like what he dishes out, unfortunately. They want to be bossed around, humiliated, etc. It makes me very sad… but it’s true.

            I just don’t happen to be someone who gets off on that.

          • I think there is a big difference between being bossed around, even humiliated, in a consensual relationship, and what this man does, which is disregard your boundaries. Even the bossing around! There has to be trust first before anyone should surrender any power to anyone else!

          • Ann, I’m really looking forward to figuring out what comes in the next post. Depending on that, Savannah and I will have to figure out how to call this Doc Walker guy and tell him our minds 😉

          • As I said, it would have been hard for you to listen to us since this happened before this post as well as the next were written 😉
            So obviously, whatever comments we’re leaving here today you couldn’t head yesterday 😉

            I had considered that you would not leave Savannah and I the pleasure of doing so ourselves… that it was too late already… ;-p

            I’m kinda glad it is, though it will deprive Savannah of an enlightening experience and me of an opportunity to stand up to a bully and tell him directly to go fuck himself 🙂
            (oops, sorry for the language 😉 )

          • And my foul mouth made me forget to sign off!

            Your ranting and frustrated because she didn’t stand up to her bully of a husband fellow blogger xoxo

          • YES, I do have faith in you.
            But whether with Andrew or with the first comments you left about this guy, about not wanting to do to him the same thing as Andrew dd to you and so on… I was just the teeniest bit worried 😉

          • We do have the luxury of reading through countless posts by you to note a particular pattern and extrapolate the current indicators that you have provided to us. Call us gun-shy. 😉

            Still, Dawn and I would love his number. We have a plan.

          • Lol!
            We do? 😀

            Thanks ladies for the laughs!
            I have a post to write and have a short period of time to do it (it’s getting late around these parts, again!)… I should be writing, and instead I’m laughing at your comments 🙂

          • It has certainly been a fun day (I could scarcely imagine that after yesterday). Ann – you bring a smile to my face on a daily basis but damn, this gets frustrating trying to help you. 🙂

            Dawn, we need to get together and hop over to Ann’s and screen her dating app, texts and emails. We should be meeting the men first, checking them out to make sure that they are potentially suitable (I.e. healthy for her) and kick them to the curb if they don’t have what it takes. We have her list to work from.

          • Sounds like a lot of fun! Yes, let’s do that!
            Maybe we could ask Will to bring the list when he comes back from bringing her that 135º coffee he promised her 😉

          • That man of mine never showed! Imagine how this makes ME look to MY friends! I have a lot of training and teaching to do. 😉

          • Lol!
            Yes, that is a big disappointment! And here I was thinking he enjoyed long rides on his bike and would pop over to Ann’s in a jiff!

          • Exactly! Imagine, poor, sick Ann, waiting for these many days for her 130- degree latte, so distraught by this, she had to settle on the sex with the dog trainer (I understand that the Starbucks near her place is quite good…or perhaps the dog dude is akin to filing her nails)! We have Will to blame for three and soon to be four posts!

          • Lol!
            Poor Will, what a heavy weight placed on his shoulders!
            Are we sure it’s not because Ann didn’t give him the proper directions?
            (Ok, I guess I cannot pretend any longer that I cannot have fun too long at the expense of my friends :-/ )

          • Video? Pics weren’t enough? Imsee the video as more of an opportunity for instruction. Educational, if you will.

          • Well, you’re teh one who talked about a video first…
            But yes, instructional, that’s a good sales pitch. Now, whether Will will actually go for it… 😉

          • I emailed him… whether it was a request or not, you’ll have to ask him 😉
            Don’t think I’m going to make your life easier now, do you? 😉

          • My life? You expressed the interest in the video. I was just teasing when I made mention (recalling your definite interest in ‘Tis’ audio clip) of it. It is quite alright by me to be interested. We are friends, after all. 😉

          • “love, your non listening fellow blogger xoxo”

            I love your truth-laden snark. You mean well, but you obviously have no reason or obligation to listen to us. I presume too much in that I offer my opinion to you way too quickly, not really considering that you actually want it. I am really trying to sort out what I can do to be a gold friend to you.

            The question at the top of this text box says, “what do you think?” so, I at least have that in my favor. An open invitation, if you will.

            I await your next post, hoping for the most favorable conclusion (emphasis on the last word).


  2. Well, there’s no question your posts inspire discussion. Some days the comments read more like message boards. Your life is the stuff of controversy. It’s a good thing you’re as strong as you are.

  3. I want you to take care of yourself, Ann. Naked fun ‘n games are all well and good, but you’re too valuable to run yourself into the ground. Take care, okay?
    And have fun obliterating those limits!

  4. Ok I’m with everyone else on this, he’s acting disrespectfully.

    By all means, keep using him if you can switch off any emotional attachment but if you cant then you’re going into dangerous territory. Be careful miss! Xo

  5. Urp, the thing about his last ex being 22 plus that bossy text (“I think I can do a lot for you but you need to let me do things you may not enjoy to satisfy me.”) are two big signs that he’s used to bullying his way into getting what he wants. The thing about the 22 yr old is significant bc a younger, less experienced woman wouldn’t call him on his bullshit. That’s an inherent imbalance of power there. And again, the things he’s saying aren’t the things a good top would say. These are coercive, manipulative things.

    I really hope you give him what’s coming to him…?

  6. He’s an arsehole and you are way beyond GGG. Please be careful: Men who don’t respect your boundaries DON’T RESPECT YOUR BOUNDARIES.

    (note: I may be a teeny bit biased because I’ve not got a submissive bone in my body so I hate that ordery shit, but dude’s still giving me a hella creepy vibe).


    • Thanks Ferns!! Yes, I agree with you. Despite his assertation that what’s on his FL profile etc., isn’t really all he’s about, that plus the combination of how he was when I said no to a few things really are what give me serious pause about him.

    • I second this (and anyone else who said this – sorry, way too many comments to read them all). You should read my post called I Was Bullied By a Dom. I know you haven’t posted the follow up, but in the future — honestly — you should just drop a guy like this immediately, the second he doesn’t listen because WHO FUCKING DOES THAT??

      • I will definitely check out that post. And thank you. I only saw him that one other time but it will take two more posts to conclude!!

        This is probably faster than I would have dropped him a year ago. I would like to think not, but I may have hung around longer than I care to admit it.

  7. Nope, him pushing you into something you aren’t comfortable with is all kinds of no go.

    I’d have ripped him a new one and told him off. Maybe that’s why dominants are scared of me? Hmm.

    Either way, watch yourself honey and as long as you watch yourself enjoy the play time.


  8. What does it say about how highly I regard this man that I just now realised he’s not a dog walker but a dog trainer! Ah well, that may explain his pigheadedness. Though I’m fairly sure that it goes with dogs as with humans, they behave better when there is respect rather than coercion 😉

  9. Note to self: I *really* must stop reading your blog whilst at work… but I can’t resist! It’s just too good.

    I hope you are feeling better – you sound far too sick to be dealing with the kind of shit this guy is asking from you. Be careful, listen to your head/heart and not your mojo! 😉 He doesn’t sound particularly nice, and you deserve better than that.

    Feel better, and take care of yourself! xo

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  11. I love how out of touch he is with how you’re feeling with the texts. When you’re like “I’m tired” and he sends a c*ck pic! Typical. Your texts and reactions to his are so funny!

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