I'm a bad bad girl blogger.

A huge thank you to ‘Tis (my partner in competitive game playing) who has nominated me for the Bad Girl Bloggers award, which was just reintroduced by HH and Lola. I’m thrilled to be included in such great company!

Here are my nominations: all bloggers who I have followed for a while and always enjoy their stories. Please check them out!

The Woman Invisible | She recently had sex on a first date in a public bathroom. What’s not to love? She is near the beginning of her post-split journey and it is great to see her progress with each post.

Evie the Rabbit | Evie writes about her explorations of polyamory and all kinds of naughty stuff. I find myself drawn to the stories she tells, the people who inhabit her life, and her challenge in figuring out what (and who) she wants.

P.S. Please Don’t be a Serial Killer | J Blondie writes about dating adventures and how she likes it rough.  She also has a Masters in Psychology, so be careful if she starts following you 🙂

RULES: If you are a recipient, please choose 3-5 female bloggers who write about sex (or post sexy pics of them selves, or both) that you admire and award them by passing on the award photo above and the rules.  Also, give a brief explanations of why you love those bloggers so much.  Be sure to notify your favorite bloggers that they got the award!

0 thoughts on “I'm a bad bad girl blogger.

          • There was no snark in the first one my dear. I sincerely meant, you know a lot of bad girl bloggers.

            But I see why coming from me, you could expect it to be snarky.

            I’m at work and unhappy about it. I should be in bed. My libido is off the chart and I’m steeling myself to be disappointed on my date this evening.

            So I thought my not being snarky was quite the accomplishment… too bad it didn’t work lol

          • Dammit. Out of sync with you today.We’ll get there!

            I do know (and love) several very good bad girl bloggers.

            Ok…now hold on a minute. There’s setting appropriate expectations (for tonight) then there’s this thing that you’re doing to yourself (which is far different). You’re still sick and now you are at work. (strike one). You have had a run of emotional turbulence that could cause many strong willed and confident people to stumble (strike two). Now, your snarky-app is not running smoothly (strike three). Now, you’re taking yourself out of contention for an enjoyable evening by steeling yourself for disappointment. WTH?

            Ann, It is is high time to unplug from the office, grab your laptop and head home. Cancel meetings (regardless of how interesting it would be to have a much more stunning visual with the Kathleen Turner voice giving presentations – I would love to be present for that!) and get your ass to bed!

            Bad girl, for certain!

          • Well first of all, you have a visual few others do, so don’t taunt anyone 🙂

            But yes, I sound very, um… husky today.

            The reason I am here in the office is because I have year end reviews with my people. I moved a couple of them yesterday but I just couldn’t delay any more. I’m not successful without my team, so I have to put them first (and I lysol’d my office so as to not spread the germy love).

            I’m trying to keep my expectations for my date with Andrew in check. The last two times I have not exactly had my sexual or emotional needs met. I’m thinking about whether to ask him how he feels. I might just tell him I’m afraid to ask him because he told me he doesn’t like pressure.

            I was going to write a post about that but I went to sleep instead.


          • Taunt? Me? 😀

            Yes, you are a good manager. You are wearing your surgical mask when you are having your reviews with your team? Lysol? Hmm. Since you brought that up…and you are still planning on your date with Andrew, I am thinking about how that will look (should everything be moving ahead according to plan) . you, with your gravelly, husky voice and your sexual needs and the vacillation regarding seeking his feedback on his feelings …where does the Lysol fit in with this?

            (That reminds me, I have to follow up with my team to get their reviews in by EOD.)

            Yes, that is my lame attempt at injecting a little bit of levity into what has been an emotionally (and now physically) challenging situation.

            Seeking sleep (especially when ill) trumps blog posts any day. Take care of yourself, Ann. We do like having you (and your snarkiness) around. 🙂

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  2. “You’ve got me wonderin’ why I like it rough”
    Ahh Lady Gaga and Ann St. Vincent know me well.

    I’m honored and humbled. The first person to call me a bad girl is one of the most bad-assery women I know 😉

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