I could use a good beating.

I was lying in my bed, naked but for a long sweater. It was a cardigan with only one button, so he had full access to any parts at any time. It was my compromise to the fact that he would prefer I be naked at all times.

Andrew and I had woken up, had some nice morning sex, made coffee, and were back in my room waiting for the breakfast I made (baked oatmeal with chopped walnuts) to be finished.

He was getting ready to go. He came over to the bed, leaned over, and smacked my bare ass, hard. I may have moaned a little. He did it again, and then again.

He stood up, contemplated me for a second, and said “you know, I think you might enjoy a dungeon”.

Hmmpf, I thought. I said “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean.”

He said basically that while I am not a sub, he thinks I am what he called “alpha submissive”; that after I get my needs met, I can be pretty submissive. I don’t care if that’s not some official term, but I knew what he meant. He said he thinks I would be capable of getting into sub space and might enjoy a good beating.

I wasn’t quite sure what to say to all that, so I asked a lot of questions.

Now, he is not a Dom, although he is naturally dominant (which I quite enjoy). So he said he wasn’t skilled enough to do that to me. To which I responded I couldn’t do something like that with someone I didn’t know and trust.

He said – well, someone you trust would be there. Meaning him, of course.

Then the oatmeal was ready and it was back to talking about our sons or scrabble or work.

I feel like I know very little about sex when I talk to him. He’s not all talk. It’s not bravado. He just knows – and has done – a lot. For crying out loud, he met his ex-wife on a fetish site!

So, basically, my “to do” list is growing with him:

Threesome with two bi guys where they engage each other as well. Check (albeit delayed).

Gangbang in a couple of weeks. Check.

Explore my submissive side through erotic beatings. Check.

Next thing I know I will be getting it on with a woman. Although he prefers threesomes with two men. So I’m totally down with that.

What the heck would come after that?

I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

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  1. LOTS of guys are willing to do that stuff but most don’t know how/don’t know how to tell their partner/don’t think their partner is into it. Tons of guys have all sorts of kinky desires but don’t know how to act on them. And I will say that while it isn’t as rare as it would seem, there are relatively fewer women who are as kinky as men can be. Don’t believe me? Search your local Craigslist personal ads for a little while :).

    Now, how do I find a partner who prefers her threesomes to be with a pair of bisexual men?! Enjoy.

  2. So great to find someone to lead you in these things….and Like you said, someone you can trust. In the Dom thing, after reading so much about it, and meeting G, I’m a firm believer they need to know their stuff or it can be dangerous.

    • Oh most certainly so. Andrew is no fool and very careful. There is no bravado with him in this respect, which makes me trust him even more.

      We shall see. I’m not so sure on the sub thing, since in this case it could hurt to try πŸ˜‰

  3. Well Alice, enjoy the wonders! And let us know about it.
    I wish I were brave enough. Or had someone knowledgeable enough to take me down that route… at least to see if I like it or not πŸ™‚

  4. The fact that he told you he does ‘t have the experience but that he would be there for you to in essence look over and protect you speaks volumes. His character and likability just keeps going up, up, up for me. You are in rare and unique position to have someone so experienced that you trust to help you through all of this. Savor it all…

  5. Sounds like you are in for some interesting times, it’s really great you have someone you can trust to explore all this with, I look forward to reading about it.

  6. There’s something about a body in loose clothing that’s so erotic to me. Much, much more so than nudity. The act of running my hand over a girl’s shirt and feeling nakedness underneath is the real stuff. So forbidden.

    I like a playful struggle. Nothing weird like tears or anything like that. Just some gentle resistance. Who doesn’t?!

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