Hands and knees on the bed. Now.

A Skype conversation between Andrew and me:

Ann, I want to see the swimsuit you wore today.

You want to see the swimsuit? Okay, I will go get it….

No, I want to see you IN the swimsuit.

Okay sure, hold on a sec.

Undress slower. Mmmm…yes, that’s better.

Okay here it is. Do you like it?

Move the camera lower. Yes, that’s better. Now turn around.

Like this?

Lower. Yes, that’s better. Get yourself higher. Stand on the bed.

Like this?

Yes. God, you are beautiful. Get down on your hands and knees.

This bench is perfect. I wish you were here. How’s that?

Yes. Just like that. Mmmmm… Now, would you like to see what you do to me?

Oh fuck. That’s beautiful.

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  1. ummmm, somethings wrong… I can’t see the swimsuit. πŸ˜‰

    This was very fun Ann, gotta love a man who can express how he feels.. so hot!


      • “Turns out?” Sheesh I can’t imagine a guy not only liking this, but requiring it! We are creatures of visual stimulation. Ok, let me speak only for myself. While I do enjoy the idea of walking into our bedroom and discovering Mrs. Carrier waiting for me, the delay from the slow and deliberate undressing produces incredible excitement in the anticipation!

        To Skype this is wonderful to ponder.

          • Oh, sorry, πŸ™‚

            Because of the two blogs that I have, I wanted to start separating them and in doing so, I needed to separate myself from the “Warm Creme” name. Both of us were using WC/Mrs.WC and it causes confusion. As we transition, we are going to be using our names instead. My wife is thinking about guest-blogging which “could” lead her to want to start her own (she is a much better writer than I could hope to be!). She and I are planning on creating a WP profile, but I’ll defer to her on that.


          • So…using a name just feels better (for me, at least). People can visit my (or later, OUR) Gravatar page(s) to see the blog(s) that we maintain.

            Sorry to be so mysterious and confusing. I am all about clarity.

          • I am certainly going to give that my best effort. If you knew me beyond the realm of electrical circuitry and binary existence, you would find me to be confident in who I am. It isn’t beyond me to admit my failings and to learn from them. One concern that I have is that tone and inflection are lost (two elements of my communication style that I rely heavily upon) in my casual written conversation. My sarcasm (or as my grandmother would accusingly refer to as my “arid wit”) tends to be sail past most people but when it is picked up by those who can read me, infectious laughter ensues.

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