For Savannah (and anyone else who needs a laugh)

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  2. Regarding old stuff you’ve posted, I have a thought: Now that I’m single, I’m suddenly in total heat about all different kinds of men (in between the moments of being super sad about the loss of my marriage). 😛 I stared at a picture of Clive Own’s face the other day like it was the centerfold of a dirty mag – and it was just his face! Have you ever posted something on the parts of a man’s body you love (or what sort of faces/characteristics drive you crazy)? Or do you think about doing something like that in the future? I know you’re into big hands/arms. 😉 Just wondering!

    • I am not single and I love the idea. I am slowly working my way across my (willing) husband’s body, sharing what I love about him. He was the one who sparked me and got me started, inspiring me witb one of the most beautiful WP posts I have ever seen (I am a little biased) when he shared his large and sexy hands with his readers.

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