Giving everything to another man (FL 5)

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  1. Sometimes it is hard not to fall for someone who is compleetly wrong for you. We tend to want what we can’t have. But ultemetly it sounds like at the time you both had an emotional need for eachother. Compleet passion as you describe it comes with heatache. I hope this is not always the case, but … As you say unhealthy!

  2. Part of this makes me sad, that there is such a connection even though there shouldn’t be, and these feelings show us all we have been missing in the world…it makes us so greedy…knowing we are heading to sure disaster…but wanting more all the same.

    • Well, in my case, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t end in disaster. Will had given me permission to be in an open relationship, even thought he didn’t want to know about it. The only potential disaster was a broken heart…which granted, is no small thing.

        • I will write about it, but we both tried to get things “right” with our spouses. I genuinely wanted him to be happy. The heartbreak wasn’t so much because he wanted to get back to his wife, but more about the general loss of something that made me feel really good, and knowing what I had to go back to was dead.

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