Lots of Truth and Lies here today! | Release the hounds update

Guesses are a free for all now!! I’ve put comments below with all the guesses I’ve received so far (if I missed you, just add a comment)…

From now forward, put your answers in the comments section and I will respond as I can!!


Okay, here’s how this is going to go down.

Read each blogger’s responses below. Two are true, and one is a lie. You need to guess which is the lie. Everyone was supposed to include stuff that could be guessed from reading their blog, so go check them out if you aren’t familiar with their blogs!

I have turned off comments, so to guess, please use my contact page. There are thirteen fourteen bloggers, so please guess at least 5.

Later today, I will update this post, turn on comments, and publish in the comments – at once – the guesses and whether they are correct. This is so those of you in later time zones don’t get the advantage of leveraging the answers of those who guessed earlier.

But after that, it’s a free-for-all.

Other than glory, the prize (which I have yet to finalize) will go to the person who guesses the most right, or the first person to guess them all.

Happy Playing!

A) ‘Tis of http://tispersonal.wordpress.com/

  1. I’ve only ever sucked 4 cocks.
  2. My first sexual experiences were with women.
  3. As a Betty back in the day, I once skated with Tony Hawk.

B) Hollie of http://myblogismyboyfriend.wordpress.com

  1. The best sex of my life occurred this year.
  2. I have had a threesome.
  3. I have not had sex in 5 months.
  1. Five years ago, I was drunk and found myself in a gay bar. I let a guy hit on me, and I even let him suck me.
  2. I’ve never fucked a natural blonde, only fake blondes.
  3. When it’s taking me too long to come, I think about someone else fucking my partner to speed things up.
  1. I’ve had less than 5 sexual partners.
  2. I enjoy anal sex.
  3. I hate the texture of cum, it makes me gag.
  1. When I was 14 years old I had phone and cyber sex with older men and felt empowered by the experience.
  2. Before becoming an attorney I went to film school and studied Italian.
  3. In college, I had a brief affair with my Russian Literature professor. It ended when he went on sabbatical.

F) The Lively Wife of http://arewestillmarried.wordpress.com

  1. I live in a tropical area in the United States
  2. I am on medication
  3. I have been married for six months

G) Angel Morals of http://angelmorals.wordpress.com

  1. I am a nudist, who is full figured.
  2. I never been at a swingers club.
  3. I never had sex with a woman.

H) Gardener of http://stillgardener.wordpress.com/

  1. I’ve never had anal sex with a woman
  2. I’ve never been deepthroated
  3. I’ve never had a threesome

I) Hy of http://adissolutelifemeans.com/

  1. I was raised in CA.
  2. I lived near the ocean.
  3. I’ve stomped grapes.

J) Daisy of http://diggingupdaisy.wordpress.com/

  1. I’ve enjoyed being fisted
  2. My favorite position is cowgirl
  3. I’ve broken my neck

K) Michelle of http://mamamickterry.com

  1. I love shopping–especially the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday should be an Olympic event!
  2. I worked for the Federal government when I was 14.
  3. I had knee surgery on Friday and have spent Saturday cleaning house and decorating for Fall. No pain meds, no crutches!

L) Vic of http://justplainolvic.wordpress.com

  1. I am a gun control advocate
  2. My wife suffers from bi-polar, depression and ED
  3. I live in Florida, USA

M) Me!

  1. I have never had sex with a woman.
  2. I have no gag reflex.
  3. My first high school sweetheart is now a famous musician.

N) Warm Creme of http://warmcreme.wordpress.com (who submitted to me but it lost in the internet somewhere…)

  1. Though I have been with my wife for 30+ years, I have enjoyed 66 sex partners.
  2. i was the lead guitarist and vocalist in a band for over a decade.
  3. I earned a living as a professional writer and photographer.

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    • May I make a humble suggestion that you split your guesses into a few parts? Then you’ll have a better sense of which are incorrect.

      Because I don’t want you freaking out when I say:

      10 correct.

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