The measure of 2 lovers is how they respond when you… | Part 2

For this to make any sense, you need to start with Part 1.

So now I have Andrew underneath me and Jason behind me. They start muttering about lube to each other and I know what will happen next. Even with my body being totally relaxed from the multiple orgasms I’ve now had, my brain is a little nervous.

Just before, I’d managed to have two cocks in my pussy (which, for the record, I’m told is generally pretty tight). But this is again new. After a bit of pressure, I was being double penetrated.

I wasn’t sure what to expect – it was an amazing feeling of fullness. The guys got their rhythm and I just let myself go into the sensation of Β it all. I have no idea how long it is before Jason cums in my ass and he pulls out. Andrew tells me he wants my ass so he can feel Jason’s cum inside of me.

Okay, sure. I don’t want to stop any of that.

Jason goes to my bathroom to clean up. Andrew does his thing. It feels damn good. He is smacking my ass and telling me how much he loves my hips and ass and tells me to please never lose weight. He doesn’t cum and then as Jason is coming back into my room, he asks him where there is a washcloth and towel since he wants my pussy again.

I’m just letting this all happen around me. Andrew leaves me for a moment and Jason lays down beside me…I’m panting and still twitching and cumming…and I rest my head on his shoulder. He winks and grins and asks me if I’m having fun. I thank him. Next thing I know, I get flipped over onΒ my back. Andrew is over me, asking if I squirt. I have, I tell him, but not very often.

With Jason next to me and Andrew on top of me, I get fucked again. Hard. Really hard. I think Andrew is the one holding my hands above my head but when I open my eyes I realize it’s Jason.

I keep cumming and then I feel that familiar sensation and realize I’m squirting.

I squirt so hard I spray myself in the face. More than once. I’m drenched.

I’m even more lost than I was before. I’ve completely and totally let go. I barely know what’s going on. I manage to squeak out a question – “how did you do that?” – since I’ve never squirted on my back from penetration. He says it’s his thing. Okay, sure. I’ll take it.

He keeps going and I’m aware of Jason coming back into the room (I didn’t even know he had left) and he looks down at us and laughs and says:

“Um, hey Ann, you kinda…um…you had an accident. You’re gonna need to wash your sheets when we leave.”

You know that term “lose your shit”? Yup. I literally lost my shit.

My ass opened up from two different large cocks pounding away at me. When I squirted and totally let go, two little pieces of shit also escaped. LITERALLY. I wish this was a euphemism. It is not.Β Worst of all, I was in no mental or physical condition to even respond.

Should I pause while you clean up the drink you just spit on to your screen?

So what happened?

Andrew didn’t care – I don’t think he really saw – and he just kept going. He moved me around a bit more with various positions. At one point he had me on my stomach, he was fucking me from behind, and he ended up putting his legs above my hips – it was quite the pounding. This guy knows his sex!

We finished with Jason laying on the (non shitty!) side of my bed, me on my side with my head on his chest, and Andrew taking me slowly from behind.

Andrew went to get cleaned up while Jason finished getting dressed. I saw the damage and was appropriately horrified – pulling the top sheet over the mess just so none of us had to look at it (and especially Andrew, who if he hadn’t seen, I certainly didn’t want him to).

I pulled on a nightgown and Jason and I wandered downstairs. He started teasing me and I told him it was the most mortifying thing that had ever happened to me.

I thanked him again for setting this up for me. He said he also had a great time. He asked if I wanted Andrew’s number so I could see him again. I said yes.

Then Andrew came downstairs and there was some embarrassing discussion between the two of them about how awesome I was to fuck and whether Andrew would like to see me again (he said absolutely).

It was time for them to leave. Jason gave me a long lingering kiss and went to get his shoes and coat. Then I turned to Andrew, not really sure what to do, and he grabbed me and also gave me a long, deep, kiss. Kissing two men goodbye struck me as very funny and I started to giggle.

The door shut. I spent the next few minutes wandering around my place in a daze. I had the wherewithal to send Jason and Andrew thank you texts.

Then I remembered those damn sheets.

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  1. Should I say welcome to the club? It’s not uncommon for that “shit” to happen, pun intended. I think you’d have to give yourself a colon cleansing prior to avoid that. Ewwww. Horrifying and embarrassing, yes. Worth it for the pleasure, absolutely. Great story. Thanks for sharing.
    Btw, I unfollowed Johnny yesterday, couldn’t stomach his attitude anymore. Very disappointed and saddened in the end. Hope you are doing alright dealing with this mess. Hugs

    • I feel like I’m part of a cool club, if you are in it!!

      I’m not so sure I feel like doing the whole pre-enema thing…because then who knows that else will happen as a result!!

      I’m sorry you felt the need to unfollow him. He’s very angry with me for quoting him and he feels I attacked him by doing so – which was not my intention but regardless, that’s how he took it. He’s angry and hurting, and of course it shows in his words.

      • Wow, that’s funny, the cool club, I’d like that, lol,
        I’ve never tried the enema thing myself, like you say, who knows what else might happen? Though we pretty much both have an idea and it doesn’t make a pretty scene πŸ˜‰

        He is very angry and hurting. What makes me sad, that doesn’t seem to be coming across with him, is the fact that this was of his own doing.He needs to understand that he’s the one who lost his cool and vented openly on his blog at you. You didn’t deserve the way he treated you that night. It was alcohol induced anger and the truth he wasn’t really giving you in your personal communications spewed forth, for anyone to see. They do say, in vino veritas for a reason. You have every right to continue writing your feelings. In all his writing, it has come across as poor him. That’s his prerogative, his blog, but if he’s not going to come clean and make a case for himself, he can hardly expect anyone to feel differently. I hope he finds what he needs to heal.

  2. um okay….. All sounds like fun. but the shitty part (and also pain) is why I don’t like anal. The thought just grosses me out. But the rest of it really sounds like fun.

      • I agree that there should not be any pain and all the girls tell me, they have the best climaxes from anal. The trick is to slowly ease your cock in, taking little short strokes and carefully going in a little deeper each time. Then once you feel the head pop in, stop and just hold still for a minute and let the girl get used to it. Once she fully relaxes, you can start taking longer and harder strokes until you are pounding it in. Then comes the hair pulling. LOL

        As far as the dirty stuff, next time make sure a do a number 2 beforehand or an enema to be sure. In my experience, a fair percent of the time there is no incriminating evidence but if it happens just go with it.

        As far as the squirting, that’s an indication that you’ve fully relaxed and gave in to the sensations of being fully satisfied. Good girl and the more you practice, the easier it is to do.

        Keep in mind the difference between a Northern girl and a Southern girl. The Northern girl says, “You can.” but the Southern girl says, “You’all can!”

  3. More people need to write about experiences like this, as it’s not abnormal. And yet, when it happens, we are horrified and sometimes ashamed. I think if more people shared, it wouldn’t be as shocking, mortifying, shameful. And we wouldn’t feel alone if it happens to us.

    This scene sounds incredible and exhausting.

          • On reflection you’re right you do have to be careful that was a bit irresponsible of me, I have photos but don’t show my face, if my history of escort tales was known there’d be consequences ………take care πŸ™‚

          • I meant more about not writing both the good and the bad. Some bloggers use their blog to craft a certain image of themselves which is not their whole person. I wrote a few posts about that, actually.

            But yes, when it comes to my identity, I’m super careful. I need to be able to write without worrying.

    • Cammies – When I accidentally shit on a dude it motivated me to start my blog! It was my inaugural post! Lol

      Ann – all I can say is — like others already have — WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

  4. Oh I know that mortified feeling!! so glad they were nonchalant about it all…now don’t you feel better just having shared the story…takes away some of that feeling of horror.

  5. I just….I couldn’t stop laughing….

    This was quite the story to wake up to this morning. LOL. As a man…I don’t know, I think I’d almost be proud to fuck the shit out of someone-let alone the great Ann St. Vincent. πŸ˜‰

  6. Ann, I suppose that I suspected that this story was going to have a “dirty” twist to it as you prepared us for what was about to happen. I suppose that being a mother, I had some initial (stomach quivering) reaction to the arrival of the scat, but in the throes of absolute pleasure, stopping to deal with it seemed to be a risk to utterly ruin the fun.

    The cleanup? That’s perhaps where I would start to feel the discomfort. Embarrassing? Hardly. You had two large objects in simultaneously in to tender areas. Sheesh! Just go with it!

    Hot story!

    Is round two scheduled yet?

      • I have yet to successful take Mr. WC anally. We try and fail, try and fail. The only DP that I have enjoyed is taking Mr. WC orally as he penetrates me with my favorite toy. I know…nothing as exciting as what you just enjoyed.

        Is it alright with you that I sexually live vicariously through you, Ann? πŸ™‚

        • The fact that you, who had sex 22 days in a month, sometimes several times per day (per Mr WC’s stats) should sexually live vicariously through anybody is amusing to say the least πŸ˜‰

          • Dawn,

            We all have goals to aspire to, right? Neither of us had any idea what “normal” is until he posted that article. I am a little embarrassed that he went ahead with it. It was somewhat troubling to see that kind of personal detail published in a rather sanitary fashion. Mr. WC is an amazing man, but more for who he is, how far he has come and his approach to what lies ahead.

            My comment wasn’t meant to sound negative (though I am glad that you saw my humor, Dawn) with regards to Ann’s yummy activities. I rather enjoy what she talks about so freely. It gives me hope that our sex life has a world of untried experiences ahead of us and seeing what Ann posts gives me a foretaste of what could be.

  7. First, this sounds amazing and I am so, so jealous that I haven’t found two men willing to do this yet.

    Second, I know it must be super embarrassing, but this post totally helped relax me and put me at ease. The few men I’m willing to do anal with always mention that they wouldn’t mind, but I still get it in my head that they will. Now I feel a bit more comfortable after the way yours was/were okay with it!

    • A few have suggested that when you decide to have anal sex, it’s a risk you take.

      I’m glad this helped you relax! These guys were super cool – so my wish for you is that you could fine people who are similar.

  8. Shit! that sounded like one crazy fuck fest.. hehe
    You know there is no need to be embarrassed, I get it that it is not something you like happening.
    Keep smiling it was worth it in the end, so no need for regret or embarrassment.

  9. Like I mention before my first experience with two men was nothing compared to what you just mention… expect for the shitty part I find this amazing… Makes me want to try again… expect I couldn’t do the anal thing… πŸ™

  10. Its the balance of life – when something extremely good happens, something uhh really shitty happens? πŸ˜›

    Just be thankful you have two mature and amazing lovers who don’t give a shit, literally! If you had of been with an immature guy in his 20s, he would have leapt out of bed and not been willing to get back in there until it was cleaned up.

    Sounds like you had a lovelyyyyy time, I’m jumping on the jealous bus – the rest of us can dream *sigh*

    • Ps about the immature guy thing, I once had a fwb (not anymore!) that not only wouldn’t kiss me if he had just cum in my mouth or wouldn’t put his face near my vag if he had cum in it, but.. After a sex fest day where I wet his sheets a little, I came back the next day and he’d removed the sheets. He hadn’t put new ones on. He was laying on a bare mattress. And even had a bare quilt over the top. He was that paranoid that he’d removed the quilt cover. Does he not own another set?!?! It was the tiniest wet mark, sheesh way to make me feel diseased. Seriously, this is the men that the rest of us are dealing with most of the time. So this is why I’m on the jealous bus!

      • Wow that is terrible. Geez. He obviously didn’t get the memo that if a woman is more comfortable and confident she will be a WAY better sexual partner.

        I’ve dealt with those guys too…I’ve had my share of dating douchebags. P / Shenanigans once told me he didn’t like to go down on a woman that had any pubic hair whatsoever (and I do).

  11. This is a travesty, but sadly it is very common. My husband was exactly the same way about his semen. No kissing, no oral on me if his cum was anywhere near to them. Even if he didn’t release in either, his mouth was done with both if his bits had been there.


    He changed entirely on his own. Today, I can’t keep him away from his semen. He purposefully withholds cumming in my mouth so that he can get it to himself when he finishes inside of me. When he (rarely) does finish in my mouth, he wants me to kiss him and share it!

    It is the most amazing change in our intimacy because he now gives me orgasms before, during and after being inside of me!

    Our sheets no longer have any mess! πŸ˜‰

    Mrs. WC

  12. I figured this would be intense, like the first part, and you certainly delivered. Wow! The range of sensations and emotions that you went through — and you have an incredible story to tell about it. And you’ve got the guts to share it on your blog πŸ™‚

  13. Understandable you were a little embarrassed, however, I’m sure your fuck-buddies didn’t bat an eyelid. Shit is shit and comes with the territory! Unfortunately, it is bound to happen occasionally, but I hope it doesn’t make you ultra sensitive about it next time. There is a little device you can buy. It’s like a balloon with a small, very thin, vibrator at the end, which has little holes on the tip. You fill the balloon with water, insert the nozzle up your ass and gently squeeze. The water exits via the small holes. It doesn’t do a full enema, but cleans around the inside of the back passage, which is usually where the stray bits of shit comes from.

    You write so well!

  14. So hot. I loved the squirted on your face part. Would have kissed you right after.

    Anal has accidents. That’s why I see anal as an intimate act. I have seen my fair share of shitty accidents ( pun intended ). when you are with the right people, accidents don’t matter.

    I would have pull the sheets over like you did and continued whatever we were doing without thinking twice.

  15. This is one of the funniest things i have read in a while. I am glad you told me it would be funny so I knew not to eat or drink anything! And that is always a risk with anal. You shouldn’t even feel embarrassed. I have been with plenty of people that had similar accidents. That’s why we have washing machines. No big deal. And it sounds like your men handled it beautifully.

  16. I suppose that any man willing to do anal knows he may have to deal with some shit!
    If it scares him, he shouldn’t go there πŸ™‚
    That was one hot story. Impressed how you squirted on your face!
    As I mentioned, squirting doesn’t seem to work quite as well anymore, not since I started my meds. One day maybe I’ll find the courage to talk about it with my doc πŸ™‚

  17. Speaking as a guy who *loves* anal sex and has experienced a bit of a mess or two, I’m reminded of the words a wise woman once told me – ‘if you’re going to be freaked out by the possibility of a little poo, don’t go sticking your cock in a girls asshole!’

  18. What an amazingly hot post – and I’m sure you had a great time. Except for that little mishap. But who cares! I think the lasting message was that great sex!

    I totally expected this story to go another way!

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