No, I'm not THAT St. Vincent. Or that other one either.

Apologies to those of you who find me here, looking for porn of a certain singer who dares use just my last name (as a stage name, no less – her real name is Anne Erin Clark – which just proves to me my last name is super awesome).

We could be related, perhaps, but I’m pretty sure she isn’t baring her guts on a blog. She may have had threesomes but hopefully they won’t be written about in excruciating detail (yes, mine are in progress). Given the travel schedule of musicians, it’s possible she has a long distance relationship. I sincerely hope it’s going better than mine did.

One thing we do have in common – I’m a pretty darn good singer. You won’t find me admitting this in real life – because that statement is usually followed with a demand of song, or karaoke. Once it ended with me singing on stage with an award-winning (like, the Grammy kind) band as backup, to an audience of music aficionados. Which was exhilarating (when one asked me how long I had been a singer) and mortifying (I’m not so good at improvising) at the same time.

So I forgive you for thinking I might be that St. Vincent.

But yes, there’s another St. Vincent out in pop-culture land now. I saw the movie poster on the weekend. I’m no Bill Murray. Other than occasionally being funny (especially when drunk, naturally), I’m not sure Bill and I have much in common. I will keep an eye on my searches and will let y’all know.

And I do hope that this St. Vincent and all her “talents” remain enough.

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  1. Aah crap. I was just thinking about doing a porn with cheerleaders singing Jump hahaha
    Keep that smile smiling.

    And uhm you could still do a song on here as well.

  2. Add something to the header of the site along the lines of “St.Vincent the singer? Click here. St. Vincent the movie? Click here. St. Vincent the explorer of other things including drunk karaoke? You are here”

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