I'm a bit stymied as to how to write my next post

So, I have been trying to write a post, and I’m torn. You see, I have something very sexy to write. What’s the problem, you might say? Well, I also had the most mortifying thing happen to me during this sexy thing.

I’m pretty sure that the mortifying thing could be the funniest thing to ever grace the pages of this blog. Only because I’m able to laugh at myself (and to be honest, because it didn’t ruin the whole event). If not, I would have crawled under a rock and never come back out.

I can write the sexy bits, no problem – well at least as sexy as I’m able to write. But as soon as I mention the embarrassing bit, it will become a comedy.

Perhaps I just need to embrace both parts of the experience – because my blog always reflects my real life. I’m not sure my words can do either part justice. I will give it the good ‘ole college try. And I welcome any suggestions, as always.

I will try to get it written by early next week, but I’m away this weekend which makes it a bit more difficult.

But just for fun, I will tell you the two titles I have been pondering for this blog post:

The sexy version: “Yet another threesome | or why bi-guys are more fun”

The funny version: “The real measure of your lovers are how they respond when you…during sex” (you didn’t think I would give away the surprise, did you?)

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      • Don’t be so modest, Ann. I can’t find a single post that wasn’t worth your fingers stroking the keyboard. I can imagine that once it is published, there will be a lot of your readers doing some stroking of their own, even during and following their giggles.

        • Thank you so much. It’s just not in my DNA to be anything but modest. Except for a couple things related to my job…but even then I find it very difficult and uncomfortable to talk about what I do and how I do it.

          I will try to do you proud – both for stroking and for giggles.

          • Neither Mrs. WC nor I will be anything less than proud!!

            I hear that you and Mrs. WC had some exchanges regarding pics? Ahem…did you SEE them? 😐

  1. I’m quite sure I will be hooked on the story either way.

    That said, I like the idea of funny because we’ve all had “moments” so I am glad to know I am not alone (maybe… Depends on what it is…)

  2. I think I read a post about a poor gal who pooped on a dude. That’s about as real as it gets. Who said your blog can’t be funny too?
    We’ve all had that experience where the unexpected happens.
    I had the unfortunate disaster of disasters at age 17 happen. Out parking, in his truck, windows down, thought we were safe from interruption. I was giving head & the very moment he’s cumming his dad walks up and gets a facial from scaring the “cum” out of his son. His dad was the county judge, a close family friend and I still haven’t been able to look the man in the eye for over 25 yrs since.

  3. I think you’ve got to embrace both sides and you’ll find that people can relate to it. I personally have far more epically comedic moments in my life than I have sexy bits so maybe we can be just a little less jealous of all your sexy bits! As a side note, I think stymied is a word that is far underused. We are losing all the cool words to things like lol and OMG and it’s quite sad!

  4. I can’t wait to read what happened! I also had a horribly embarrassing incident during sexual relations with a lover, about a year into our relationship. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment…but how he handled it was amazing and I think I fell in love with him after that moment. Nothing like a man taking your embarrassing moment in stride to make you appreciate him all the more.
    I think in sharing our most embarrassing moments it takes away some of the feeling of horror and shame.

      • No, I didn’t…the most I have written about it is in that comment! lol
        I did, however, tell my sister and my best friend. They were both horrified on my behalf, although we also laughed hysterically about it.
        It did help to share it and then the little voice in my head saying “oh god I can’t believe that happened!!” became a little quieter.

  5. Sexy and funny go together sometimes….. you should watch the South African movie Lipstic Dipstic (get one with English subtitles) so awesome funny and sexy.

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