I have a new crush…

…on a woman…because of her mad crafting skills. I mean shit, she has an Etsy store!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only Maurna of Cursitivity. I know I’m going to probably love a blogger when “vomiting” is in their tag cloud.

I’ve followed Maurna for a while. Well, except for that time that I fat fingered the follow button on my iPhone and only realized I’d stopped following her when WordPress helpfully suggested her blog to follow. She forgave me, which is awesome.

She posted recently about some of the crafting things she’s done…and her first embroidery example caught my eye:


So the reason I’m super stoked and in love with her is that I asked her if I could commission one and she said yes!!

Before too long, a big red embroidered heart on a white background will grace a wall in my house. She and I are working through a few different options for my piece. I simply can’t wait and wanted to share some positive stuff with y’all, instead of my sadly-becoming-normal stories of heartache and sadness.

Consider it my one thing of thankful today.

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  1. I love Maurna, too! I first found her over at Running on Sober when she was featured in the Six Song series. Now that you mention it, I must have ‘fat-fingered’ her, too because I’ve been missing her stuff. Serendipity and Etsy…what a combo.
    Hope you’re doing well pretty lady! xo

    • Isn’t that awesome?! We’ve been talking about some of the other big stuff she wants to do…and it’s making me lust after embroidery. Something I *never* thought would happen, despite my lustful nature πŸ™‚

  2. Maurna and Ann sitting in a tree…

    I am so excited to make this for you! I am going to make the shit out of it. I’ve been pre-gaming it and studying and am looking at embroideries worthy of your wall.

  3. This is awesome, Anne. I’ve been out of town for ever and have to catch up. But I’m sorry about what has happened with Johnny. You are a no bullshit girl and I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for both of you.

    Keep your smile on and feel the love from out east. Hopefully you will soon have plenty to smile about. And get some sleep!! 12 hour days have a habit of catching up to you.

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