I am a dirty dirty girl.

One recent night, I was on my way home from a work party. I was in a taxi and was pretty darn drunk.

I’d fucked one of my former colleagues the night prior. I still haven’t written about him; he was my other Faraway Lover and is #35 of the Men I’ve Slept with. Perhaps I should get going with that story.

Whilst in the taxi, I get the following text:

“Hey, wanna get fucked on your stairs?”

…and no, it wasn’t from #35. It was from someone #46 onwards. I’m not telling who, for a change. It’s immaterial (but it’s not P…nobody needs to get their panties in a twist).

Now, I love to get fucked pretty much any time, but I have to confess that had I been sober, I would have said no, as I had in the past with him. My nanny was sleeping over at my house to allow me to be out so late. Fucked in my front hallway while my nanny and son are sleeping upstairs? Might be too much, even for me.

But drunk?

I text back “Hell yeah”. 

He tells me he’s on his way.

I get home, take off my nylons (I much prefer stockings, but sometimes, you just need a smooth line under a dress) and within a few minutes I hear a quiet knock on my front door.

I haven’t seen him in a long time. He looks scruffy but hot. We say little and kiss hello.

My nanny’s dog (which she brings when she stays overnight) hears us and comes downstairs, barking like mad. I tell it to shush and it goes back upstairs.

My lover puts his hand up my dress, pushes aside my black thong, and starts to finger me. It feels really good – he’s talented. I had forgotten that.

I return the favour and suck his lovely cock for a few minutes, enjoyed the delightful sensation of someone growing bigger and harder in my mouth.  He pushes up my dress and tries to fuck me on the stairs but the angle isn’t quite right.

His hands find their place again. He makes me cum very quickly. Being quiet is a real challenge.

He suggests I turn around so he is now able to take me from behind. I’m incredibly wet at this point. He starts to fuck me. He cums within a few minutes.

Literally, 2-3 minutes.

He pulls out, we talk for maybe 1 minute, he says goodnight, gives me another kiss, and turns and leaves.

All in all, I think he was in my house for less than 15 minutes.

Do I feel used?

Absolutely. This guy came over, fucked me for a few minutes and left. I guess I used him too, but I could have had a better orgasm by using a combination of my Hitachi and my big dildo.

Do I feel bad?

Not so much. Well…maybe a little bit. Here’s the ridiculous thing. Had he even taken 2 more minutes to chat it would have made a difference. I’m okay with someone using me for sex but I want just a modicum – a tiny amount – of pretend…that I’m not just a hole.

So now, despite his slim bod and beautiful cock – I won’t be doing that again with him, no matter how drunk.

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  1. Used, guilty? Don’t be hard on yourself. You didn’t embarrass yourself by getting caught by your nanny. You had some quick hot sex and didn’t have to deal with the awkwardness of sending him away afterwards. Sounds like you prefer a bit more of a connection. All just a part of our journey. Great, sexy story – thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow.
    That encounter was like a wet dream made material, Ann.
    Kudos to you for standing up for your dignity and self-respect! (Yes, you still have those despite the stair-diddling.)

    I don’t like to see anyone mistreat my friend. Stay the course, young lady.

    • Sometimes, I crave such an encounter. Mr. WC knows my fantasies and to have a different gorgeous man swoop in and take me like this with no strings attached is something I have thought about. Something hot, lacking passion but filled with heat and animalistic desire!

      Wow!!! It is fun to consider. I just wonder if I would feel as you do afterward.

    • Happy to provide some fodder my dear!

      Yes, I still have self-respect…not sure about dignity, in that moment.

      And not to worry, he’s not coming anywhere near my parts, ever again.

  3. Well you did cum at least, if he would have “slam bang thank u mam” without making you cum then yes I would have said it would have been disappointing. But still damn hot story, love having sex if I know the chance of getting caught with your pants down is high.

  4. Well I’d call you a Good Girl and give your hair an extra pull for good measure. LOL Don’t beat yourself up for having a no emotions involved (NSA) fuck. This is not making love but enjoying the sex for what it is, just sex. Swingers do this all the time. Wifey will be laying out nude at the pool and I’ll just walk out and fuck her just like you got on the stairs. She gets wet almost instantly and it’s easy to tell when it’s okay to just bang her lights out. We usually last longer than 2-3 minutes but if you both get off good then who cares. 🙂

  5. I used to love casual encounters…. way too much! The opportunity doesn’t arise so frequently now at my age, so embrace while its hot!!

  6. You know, who gives a shit if he hung out for 2 seconds or 2 minutes? You got what you wanted, quick and dirty. If I were you I’d just write it up to lesson learned and shake it off. It lessens the awesomeness of it for you, otherwise.

    I had a guy cum after two pumps, get dressed, and leave. I waved at him from my bed. I didn’t feel about it because a) I had no way of knowing he’d suck, b) I didn’t give a shit that it went down like that, meaning, it was no reflection on me, and b) that’s the risk I took engaging with people with whom I didn’t have a deep/strong connection. Shit like that is collateral damage of being dissolute.

    • Yup, you are right on all counts.

      I found it interesting that I wouldn’t have felt bad had it lasted just a little longer. It demonstrated that being used so obviously is an issue for me. And feeling it’s a reflection of me is something I need to deal with.

  7. I can’t get into sex if there’s not a mental connection. And having the mental connection means that I have a deep, connected desire to make sure my partner leaves (eventually) with a smile on her face. But I want my smile too. We all have different levels on needs and wants. And quite often our own wants change… sometimes daily. It is what it was. You’ve given us lots to think about in our own lives. I love living vicariously through yours.

    Thanks for a fun romp. And a peak into the complex mind of Ann St. Vincent.

  8. This is exactly why I don’t like one night stands. I don’t mind being used for sex. I don’t mind a purely physical relationship. But I see no point if it isn’t better than the sex I have with myself. And I have fantastic sex with myself. A one night stand has no incentive to be better than getting themselves off and leaving. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

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