Come Play with Me | Two Truths and a Lie

A few of you may have participated in the “Never Have I Ever” game hosted a few weeks ago by Caitlyn of Love Sex & Marriage. It just occurred to me that my answer is no longer valid!

I was inspired – and not just because I won the game (which really would have been won by ‘Tis had she not had a date).

One of my favourite games is “Two Truths and a Lie”, and I think it would be fun to play with all of you. So if you would like to join, here are the participation rules:

1. Think up two things that are true about you, and one that is a lie. Make sure they are things that someone could somewhat reasonably derive from reading your blog.

For example, mine could be:
– I have never had a threesome.
– My ex husband doesn’t live in the same city as me.
– I have met Marian Green.

2. Using my “Contact Me” page, send me the following by midnight on Saturday (Yes, I know we are all in different time zones; use your own):
– Your list of three things
– Identify which is the lie
– Include the link to your blog you would like me to use

3. I will put the game up on Monday. Your name / blog title and blog link will be listed along with your answers.

4. I will post the specific rules on Monday, but the goal is to get the most answers correct. There will be a prize but I have yet to figure out what it is…suggestions are welcome!!

I’m hoping I will play with many of you soon 🙂

Oh!! And feel free to re-blog this and invite your friends!!

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  1. Reblogged this on Dawn's Nights and commented:
    A few weeks back, Caitlyn put together a game and it was a lot of fun to take part. Today, Ann is offering to do the same and I am going to take part…
    As with all games, the more the merrier, so please join us 🙂

    • Lol… but what would I use as a door stop?

      Seriously, I can’t imagine what it would cost to ship that thing. But I *do* like the idea of a sex toy. Although, wait…I’m not only about sex, am I?

  2. I’m thinking….Mrs. WC wants me to participate, but I sucked at Caitlyn’s game. However, since Ann is automatically eliminated from the guessing (or methodical process of elimination, as it were), it might give me a fighting chance. But my week is slammed with a project and my time to spend pondering and guessing is going to be nearly nil.

    Also, the “lie” part is something that I am not particularly adept at. I will probably shoot too low and everyone will have me pegged from the outset. 😐

    What a quandary!

    Curse you, Ann!!! 😀

    • COME ON, you have to play. I’m thinking about how to modify the answering piece so that it doesn’t depend on who just has the most time on a day to guess. Such as, not allow comments and ask that people put guesses in an email to me…then every 6 hours or so I will publish them all kinda thing…

    • Come ON!! You know you want to do this!!
      Last time, I played but didn’t have any time to work at the answers until Ann and ‘Tis had it all figured out. I still had great fun reading their answers 😉

        • Mrs. WC has her reasons for participating or abstaining from these WP events. I encourage (or discourage) her and she does the same for me. Of course we both independently make our own decisions. I won’t know about what she does until it shows up for me in my reader.

          We like to play with and surprise each other. 🙂

          • Pfff… I get it, I’ll have to be patient like everybody else 🙂

            I love the fact that you give each other surprises like this, and knowing that will let me wait more patiently 🙂
            XO to all of you 🙂 (that’s Mr and Mrs WC and Ann, and whoever else cares for them 🙂 )

          • Well perhaps you would consider both playing with me 😉

            Lol….I’m SO sorry. I needed a laugh (yes, alone in my office) and that joke was staring me in the face.

          • Ann, are you seeking to expand your threesome adventures? Sheesh! You have me laughing. 😀

            I can (almost) see that playing out into another ASV humor-laden sexual adventure posts. 😐


      • I am trying to retain my anonymity while divulging some truths. Also, Mrs. WC and I have had some more “revealing” private conversations with a few folks giving them an unfair advantage with some of the “facts” that I would have considered using.

        I want to make this as challenging as possible (if I do participate).

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    It would be fantastic if my blog’s two followers would join in and participate in my friend, Ann’s fun activity. We are a community of friends that, as we learn more about each other, discover how similar and connected we truly are with each other. The result of this contest is that you will find yourself closer to the rest of this growing group of amazingly beautiful people.

    Won’t you participate?

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