31 days of FMF!?

I try to find new blogs to read on a somewhat regular basis…I follow an interesting comment or gravatar and worm my way through the blogosphere. I usually don’t know how I end up where I do.

I happened upon this sweet looking woman who was going to have 31 Days of Threesomes! Cool! That sounds totally sexy and interes…


Parallel universe 2

Have I said here how much I hate acronyms? My company loves acronyms and I’m constantlyย trying to get my team to stop using all but the ones that allย tens of thousands of employees would know.

I’m pretty sure for many of my readers, who search on my blog for things like “facial” and “anal” (yeah, that happened in the last 24 hours), seeing FMF means sex, two women and a man. Right?

Please tell me I’m not the only one…I’m feeling a bit vulnerable here.

But NOPE. Perhaps for most of the bloggers out there, FMF is Five Minute Fridays.

Which, with no disrespect meant to this dear blogger, soundsย way lessย interesting than what I originally thought.

Sorry to those of you who thought I was about to embark on an amazing sexual adventure with another woman and man. That will have to wait for at least another day. Maybe two.

0 thoughts on “31 days of FMF!?

  1. um yeah, you totally had the right idea with the FMF. I’ve not heard of Five Minute Fridays, and how do you do 31 of them if there are only 4 Fridays a month?

  2. Acronyms suck. In my careee field, I find hat i despise (hate) how some of our PMs (he he) weild them as some sort of superiority/dominination over others.

    FMF? Fleet Marine Force(s). Now that could be an interesting spin on your potential fun, Ann.

  3. I hear you on the acronyms…it makes me wonder if we work for the same company ๐Ÿ™‚
    Regarding FMF…I’ve learned something new! I really need to get out of the house ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I’ve never heard FMF. Within the porn industry the most commonly-used acronym I’ve seen for a threesome with one man and two women is MFF, or sometimes FFM. One woman with two men is called MMF. Although I prefer the description Barney Stinson used on How I Met Your Mother, once: “A devil’s threeway” (while making the “devil” sign with your hand, symbolizing one man on each end of the woman…get it?)

  5. We have 3 ways all the time. But I live in the Cincinnati area..if you’re from Cincinnati, then a three way is chili, spaghetti and cheese….also kind of disappointing. haha.

  6. Nope, totally means female, male, female in my world too…

    I’ve never even heard of 5 minute Fridays, and what’s so bloody five minutes about it? Friday’s take forever to finish.

    • Seriously…these 24 hours are killing me.

      I’m not sure there’s much positive in life that I like when it only takes five minutes. Definitely not sex, drinking, eating, or laughing.

  7. I had no idea wht FMF meant ….. So MFM is two gusy and one female…..?
    Threesomes hey…. Ann we could always do a bloggy threesome and write someting as a team… (just saying)
    And now that you mention the word, there was this one time with me and two other dudes….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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