18 Years Between Kisses | Part 3

Please read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

I was home one night; my friend Katharine had been over for dinner with her children. I was putting my son to bed and my Facebook text app buzzed at me.

It’s Greg.

We had been texting back and forth infrequently but usually it was just a couple of messages here and there. This time, however, he is chatty. We talk about his favorite sport (which he was watching on TV) and that we should catch a game together (his idea). He asks whether “whatshisname” (my ex, Will) had left yet. We talk about parenting.

We joke about the state of homes run by men versus women. About how my job intimidates him. Then out of the blue:

“You scare me a little bit”

Naturally, I ask why.

“You’re very intelligent and well educated”

I tell him the truth: he’s no slouch either. A few comments back and forth and then:

“I love your blonde hair”

WTF? Okay, this is out of character for him. It follows with “I would like to see you soon.” Of course, I’m a bit clueless and start chatting about sometime later, as in a couple of weeks from then. We move on to other topics and he says it again. At that point, I’m pretty sure he’s been drinking. So I give him a date and he says he might be free and then he says:

“I would love to see you right now. I am lonely and creepy.” [Remember, he’s a comedian]


I pause to think. I’m pretty sure he’s been drinking, but he’s still relatively coherent. And although he’s been saying nice things, it’s been 18 years of nothing, really, so it’s not in my head that he’s going to come over and seduce me. It’s not his style.

But the clincher for me in deciding is this: I know how much he is hurting. His mojo is wrecked. He obviously needs a friend and I’m very safe.

So I invite him over. After some bantering about whether that’s a desperate move on his part, he says “I will come now.”

He shows up, and oh boy yeah has he been drinking. Sheesh.

I offer him water and snacks. We sit on my couch. We talk for a long time. He keeps saying “I don’t know what I’m doing here.” I’m reassuring and nice and supportive. It’s probably an hour of chatting, he’s gradually sobering up.


He leans in and kisses me.

It was as wonderful as I had remembered, 18 years prior. It is tender yet yearning. Gentle but seeking.

After a while we break apart. We chat some more. We kiss some more. He showers me with kind words:

“You are so lovely; so beautiful”

“You are so intelligent”

“I could kiss you all day, every day”

“Your hair is like corn silk”

At some point we get horizontal on the couch. He puts his hand up my dress and his fingers find their way into my lace panties and he whispers “will you cum for me?”. Um, yup.

I do.

We get more heated; he groans while we kiss (which I love). He puts his hand on my breast. He says “I would like to make love to you but I think we should wait until your son isn’t home.”  I concur, naturally.

He tells me he has liked me since the moment we met. He tells me he still remembers what I was wearing the night he introduced me to his Scottish girlfriend. Wow.

I am reminded there are some men who actually have morals when it comes to getting physical with a woman. He gets concerned that he can’t offer me what I want. He is leaving for a few months to do a show and won’t be around. I reassure him I have no expectations and I demand nothing.

Because although he’s lovely, he is not the right man for me.  And I’m not ready for a relationship yet.

We share a really tender moment. He calls me “sweetheart”. He runs his hand through my hair and cups my face in his hands. Then he reaches to my chin to brush a hair away.

It. Is. Attached.


[And no, dear readers, if you think this is the sexy yet embarrassing thing I referenced in my post earlier this week – nope. I got something else really good for you 🙂 ]

0 thoughts on “18 Years Between Kisses | Part 3

  1. ok, that is hilarious. A chin hair? Poor you. Getting older sucks sometimes. Our bodies are cruel at times. I keep finding gray’s in places I’m not ready to deal with. Like Samantha on Sex and the City.

  2. Oh Anne. I have been away for a while… a big event coming up that will take me out of town for two weeks is requiring WAY too much of my time. I did as you requested and read the first two installations and this is something that must have been mortifying for you but as a relatively sane guy, I can say it would be no big deal. Sure we’d laugh about it. You’d have to, right? But for crying out loud, guys have to trim hair from all sorts of weird spots. And I’m pretty confident that there would be a few stragglers if you looked hard enough (well… not YOU. You can hire a minion to do that. And why would you even WANT to look? Hard or otherwise.)

    But I will admit I laughed out loud when reading it. Thanks for having the gumption to write about it. It is so nice to know that the vision of perfection I have of you has a single, blonde, flaw. 😉

  3. Ok that just made me burst out laughing. I was sooo swept up in the moment when BAM! O_o Hahaha…oh the good ol’ chin hair. I know it all too well.

  4. LOL!!!! These are the moments memories are made from. 🙂

    And you have to see that he was probably the perfect person to have this happen with. In my mind I’m visualizing him doing chin hair inspections every couple of years when he see you. haha


    • Yup, we had a good laugh about it. And you are absolutely right – someone who has known and cared about me for 25 years is totally the right person. I can just imagine some of the other lovers on these pages and how they would have probably ended up making me feel terrible.

      Glad I could give you a laugh.


      • It was perfect, quite frankly it’s how my hubby and are with one another. He has tried to move an attached hair a time or several in our years together. I actually savor the moments where we can make fun of ourselves and have a good laugh.

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