18 Years Between Kisses | Part 2

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I never heard from Greg after that night, that I can recall. Perhaps I may have gone to see a show here and there, but we never had another romantic moment.

Sometime in the last several years, we became Facebook friends. There was the occasional “happy birthday” or message on each others pages, but nothing else.

He was married with children, as was I.

He went from working with the troupe to a solo career. He lived in the centre of the television universe – Los Angeles – for many years. He had popular shows and was doing very well. He starred in a Broadway musical (albeit not on Broadway). I would see the occasional news article or commercial…or my Mom would pass on a tidbit.

I’m not on Facebook a lot, but on New Years Eve since I was working, I perused my friends updates. I saw something he posted that was in reference to being alone – as in no longer with his wife. He was a classic comedian personality – funny on the outside, but struggling with depression. He was very sad.

I reached out and sent him a nice note to tell him I was sorry and that if he ever wanted an ear, I was there for him.

We facebook-texted back and forth a little bit, but nothing ever came of it. I wasn’t surprised; it had always been that way.

Then out of the blue, a couple of months ago, he texted me again. Said he was sorry it had taken him so long to suggest a date to get together – and joked that yes, given our history he knew it would not be surprising to me.

Of course I wanted to see him. It was less about any lingering romantic interest, and more about simply wanting to catch up with someone who I’ve known for so long. I didn’t even have it on my radar that there would be anything between us.

A couple of months ago we had dinner and drinks together (and yes, of course I told Johnny about it – ironically although he lived very far away, he knew who Greg was, and was a fan). We talked non-stop for 3 hours. He told me all about the breakdown of his marriage. It was so interesting to hear about the emotional damage from a man’s perspective. He was completely emasculated by what had happened. I felt so bad for him.

He kept saying “I can’t believe I’m telling you all of this”. But as I’ve written before, I do tend to inquire a lot in conversations.

The night went the way I expected. Good dinner, drinks, laughs (he is a comedian, after all), interesting conversation. He even said he thought my ex boyfriend was a selfish prick. He said:

“He’s the kind of guy who, if you say your Mother has died, he’ll say – ‘that’s nothing, mine died three times!'”

He drove me home and it was a kiss on the cheek and a goodbye. No sense whatsoever of any desire, romance, or sexual tension.

It was lovely.

Of course we said – it would be great to hang out again – but it didn’t happen.

Until it did.

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