Yet more dating fails (and one lovely opening message)

I’m down to less than 70 emails in my work inbox, so I figure it’s time to go back to blog stuff. There are no work crises for me to attend to and for crying out loud, I’m working all weekend.

So, I dug through the folder of archived screen shots I have that remind me of funny / sad / annoying things in online dating and elsewhere, and I thought I would share them with you. I think I’ve almost run out of these, since I haven’t been online dating in quite a while now.

A Really Nice Opening Message:

A nice opening message

We are always slamming male opening messages on online dating, so this time I thought I’d share one that was really nice. He was very far away; I think I may have responded back simply to say it was a lovely message and thank you for the compliment.

A true sign someone is using the “shotgun” approach:

good thing you alter your opener

Sorry, nope. This tells me that this guy doesn’t remember messaging me in the first place, so it doesn’t exactly make me feel special.

Anyway, he should know better than to expect a woman to text someone right away…I only gave away my mobile after I’d established a level of connection with someone.

The male equivalent of what I do when someone is ignoring me:

keep on trying messaging

So I may have exaggerated a little… I never did this to anyone when they never responded to my opening line. I give the guy credit for perseverance, but perhaps wait a bit longer before you send your follow up?

Sometimes, a sense of humor is important

energy & stamina

It should be stated that the “energy and stamina” line was his opener. I had no interest but couldn’t resist responding to that one. Shockingly, I got no response to my reading message. I might have reconsidered had he come back with something witty in response.

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  1. hmmm….. poor guys, but the first one was qutie nice….. I never did online dating so I think you really can’t compare that to offline opening lines.

    • Yes, he was quite nice to send that message. I should have kept those as well…I tended to just keep the obnoxious ones.

      It’s been so long that I was picked up in person that I can’t remember an opening line! Well, other than the one the dude used on Marian when we went out together.

      • Guys used to be too shy to acutally aproach me…. not being the aproachable kind. I remember once a dude was checking me out at a club and and a friend of his (girl) walked up to me and told me her friend thought I was cute… um okay..

        But online, I guess you really do make a judgment on a pick up line.

        • I think it’s harder in real life than online. You still get rejected online but it’s easier to ignore the rejection…especially if you’ve just reached out to 5 women which of course is not easy to do in person.

          I didn’t judge opening lines as harshly as other women I know (and see online). Unless it was offensive or truly ridiculous, I was compassionate. In fact at first I responded to everyone that reached out – because I thought ignoring people was rude. But too often the next message was really sexually obnoxious…so I stopped doing that unless I felt they had taken some time and effort to write to me.

  2. Love your ‘Reading habit” come back. I think the first one is just a great example of being friendly and flirty but still normal, I think hiding behind a screen seems to make people think that saying weird shit is alright. Would you walk up to someone in a bar, hand them a card with a phone number and say, “look at me, text me if you are interested”!

  3. My husband and I talk about this all the time.We have been together since we were 16 and never had to deal with actually looking. This isn’t to suggest that neither of us get opening-line abuse. I hope that I am at lest in my 80s (a LONG way off) to go before I have to be confronted with this madness.

    The flip-side of this is that we both share very intimate pictures of ourselves (engaged in our fun) in an online sharing site. Needless to say, that one out every 100 people are nice. The rest (women included – as far as we can tell) are constantly petitioning and propositioning for sex. It is quite a fun experiment and neither of us is hardly shocked.

    Mrs. Warm Creme

  4. Am I shallow that I find the lack of punctuation or incorrect grammar a deal-breaker? This time around, I would really like a guy who is educated and knows how to string a few words together (both in person and while writing).

  5. Epic fail and yet people, still continue to be such a nuisance but for humanity’s sake, reply in a friendly, wholesome manner. I loved everything about this post! – R Standley

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