Why I didn't get a good sleep on Thursday night

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0 thoughts on “Why I didn't get a good sleep on Thursday night

  1. You get your hair and makeup done right for those events!!! And i’m impressed at how well you’re handling all this haha I would have passed out at the news…

  2. Oh my! I’m always wondering as I walk the halls, pass desks and offices if anyone of my fellow co-workers could possibly be someone I read or whom reads me. Not sure I want to know the answer… but I do wonder. lol

    • Simple answer is no you don’t want to know or really you don’t want them to know. A lot of straights tend to react negatively when they find that you are not one of them. While folks like us will respect other’s privacy and not make it the talk around the water cooler, you can’t rely on others.

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