When Johnny met my Son & Mother

There are moments – brief moments – when I feel quite clever. And chuffed. Let’s not forget chuffed.

My ex purchased a piece of technology that attaches to my television, the sole purpose of which is to Skype. Since he is moving to another country for an extended period of time, we wanted a way that he could Skype my Son, without having to rely on a computer or tablet or such.

We’ve had it installed for a few weeks so my Son could get used to it.

One night I realized it would be a good idea for my Son to Skype with Johnny Id so they would be more comfortable when they finally met each other. We did it a couple of times in advance of Johnny’s visit.

This was a really good idea.

The Saturday afternoon after Johnny arrived, we went to my parents to pick up my Son. Johnny drove my car, which I rather enjoyed. We had agreed in advance that we’d stay for dinner. An opportunity for Johnny to meet my Mom and Step-Dad.

When we pulled into the driveway, my Son gave Johnny a big hug and right away asked him if he could help him with a project he and his friends were doing in the garage.

I felt very clever.

Later Johnny told me that my Son asked to see his tattoos right away, and subsequently asked him to show his next-door neighbor friends as well. I guess he was comfortable with him.

Johnny handled himself well with my Mom’s questions. My Step-Dad and he shared some similar work experiences, so they bonded over funny stories of training and travel and the like. Even though 30 years separated their experiences, they were pretty similar.

At one point when we were alone, my Mom commented that I couldn’t have chosen a different person the second time around. That Johnny was 180 degree change from my ex husband. It was a compliment.

Being with Johnny isn’t stressful. He’s calm and easy-going. He’s helpful. He means what he says.

My ex asked if he could have my son for the night. We had no issues with that so on the drive home, we stopped at my ex’s to drop him off.

Despite an agreement to do so, so that he could get to know Johnny, my ex didn’t invite us in. We just stood on the doorstep and chatted for a few minutes. They shook hands and everyone was very polite. I didn’t feel strange. I’m not sure what I expected to feel, but ultimately, I felt nothing. Well, not true. I was irritated that I had to be all kind and polite to my ex’s girlfriend Colleen. On more than one occasion, including my son’s birthday party dinner with family and birthday party with his friends.


For me it was just another sign that my relationship with my ex – not that there was any doubt in my mind – is 100% over.

I will let Johnny write about what he thought about my ex. Let’s just say, he was different from what he expected.

Back to my place and now alone, and not having to manage the sleeping arrangements at my place that I wrote about previously, instead of rushing upstairs to fuck like rabbits, we crashed on my couch and watched a movie. Sharknado 2, to be exact. I had been given explicit instructions to tape it and to expect that I would be watching the sequel. We watched the first one together on our first trip together, so it just seemed like something that should be done.

(And while I LOVE movies, that one did test my boundaries for thinking that my time would have been better spent watching pretty much anything else. Even the VHS of “Dude Where’s My Car?”)

10:30pm and we decided to sleep. Of course, sleep isn’t on the agenda. We started kissing (it’s hard not to, when there is a strict no-clothes-in-bed policy in effect) and Johnny went down on me and sucked my clit and made me cum, loudly. Sex follows. This time, we aren’t glued together… we tried some different positions and I realize he’s an absolute machine. There is a real upside to having sex with a man who runs marathons. You’ve seen that ass…the legs that go with it are rock hard and he just doesn’t get worn out.

He takes me from behind and lets me have it, hard and fast…for probably 20 minutes in that position. I can’t think of another man who can do that, at the pace he did, without cumming quickly. It’s usually an ending move. Not for Johnny. It actually has the opposite effect…he needs to slow down again to orgasm.

My sheets are soaked from sweat and cum. Literally so wet that they get cold. But my body doesn’t care in the least.

We fall asleep around midnight, slaked.

I end up changing my sheets twice in four days.

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