Running into an ex-lover, and other things that kept me occupied last week

Happy Monday.

It doesn’t feel like Monday, since I worked all weekend. I’m not asking for sympathy but it did kind of suck.

Of course, I can’t go many days without some kind of awkward situation. Yesterday’s was this:

In the afternoon, me and several colleagues needed to move from one boardroom to another on our company’s campus, given the nature of the work we are doing (which is totally irrelevant to the story). Because it was a weekend and I was working 12 hour, 6am-6pm shifts, I was in high-top converse, leggings, and a long sweater. I didn’t particularly look or feel all that great.

I get into the new office space which is filled with employees all working on the same project, and as I’m walking into the new boardroom I see, in a cubicle, none other than the colleague I would have slept with was it not for his whiskey dick.

I knew he’d changed jobs and that he’d probably be around a bit more in my city (previously he’d worked in another office about 2 hours away). But I didn’t expect to see him on the weekend. I work for a huge company with many thousands of employees in this campus, so it’s not like I would see him all the time anyway.

We chatted for a bit (we’d parted ways on friendly terms, him telling me all about the girlfriend he had failed to mention earlier) and it was hard to not have an internal running dialogue that had nothing to do with work. It went something like this:

  • Sweet Jesus he is hot.
  • I wish I didn’t think he was hot. But seriously, the way that t-shirt strains on his biceps.
  • STOP IT.
  • Okay, focus…he’s talking about work.
  • He has a girlfriend. You have a boyfriend. Don’t even think about it.
  • Jeez Ann, you look like crap. You are wearing blue converse and brown socks. What were you thinking?
  • Do you really think any dude even notices that?
  • Well I gained 10 lbs. He might notice if I was naked.
  • STOP IT.
  • Remember in his eyes you are a powerful executive. He told you how impressed he was with you. That won’t change.
  • Just go do your work.
  • He hasn’t mentioned a girlfriend y — oh never mind, he just did.
  • Leave. Now.

So yeah. That pretty much sums it up. There are so few men I run across at work that I think are truly smokin’ hot. He’s one of them. But even putting Johnny Id aside for a moment (which I wouldn’t do), I know what happened with Faraway Lover and I have no intention of starting something up with someone at the office.

Okay… so I’m working on some posts for the rest of this week, but wanted to share what I got up to last week, in case you missed it. I was rather opinionated, and managed to delight some and piss off others. Such is life. Enjoy:

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  1. I started a new job in May. My first though, on my first day, was the same thought I have at every new job: “Dear God, please, please, no hot women.” What a distraction. Who needs it? I suppose that’s not very mature but there it is anyway.

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