So I blame LSAM for my total lack of productivity today…

So I’ve put up a post almost every single day for goodness knows now long now. Except today (well, I guess technically this is a post).

Because today, I got sucked into the “Never have I ever” game that the infernal blogger, Caitlyn McConnell, came up with on her blog Love Sex & Marriage (and please know, that’s said with the utmost love).

I love logic and guessing games.

I’m working all weekend and today, between meetings and calls, I had planned to tackle a few things I just had to get done. Including writing a blog post, getting some presentations done, and working my way through my email inbox, between meetings.

Nope. Fuck productivity.

Between meetings, what have I done? Read new blogs (okay, that was fun) and tried to figure out what things the fellow bloggers haven’t done, but want to do.

I’ve gotten so close to guessing them all, as has ‘Tis…and it’s been frankly a wonderful distraction for the day.

Alas, I have nothing else to share with you today.

I’m back in the office tomorrow for 12 hours so hopefully I will be more productive.

(and BTW, my answer was #10)



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      • You were my hero this summer, Ann; shoot me an e-mail, tweet or blog comment whenever you need me. I’ll try to answer as quickly as I can. I don’t have all the answers, but I give great virtual comfort.
        That sounded dirtier than I meant it to…

  1. I need to ask you a question Ann, how in the world do you have time to work so much and then do this blog thing and most important where do you get the time for the guys……´re a multitasker I guess.

    • Well, I’ve completely stopped watching TV except on rare occasion. I also write instead of read books…which admittedly isn’t the right balance.

      I’m enjoying writing so much and it’s helping me process everything I’m going through…so right now it’s worth it.

      • Can´t believe it, not a little of t.v?……….I couldn´t go without seeing my afternoon ritual of eating lunch, sit down in the couch and put on National Geographic to watch out of all….Hitler, not kidding they always put some documentary on this nut case. I probably know him better than his mom at this point. Has to be 45 minutes of me+t.v+cigarettes. That´s the ritual, that best inspires latter on good writing……….

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