0 thoughts on “OKCupid Massive Fail

  1. Yep! Well, not OKCupid, but it was on Tinder. I could be mistaken but I think the message was “there’s nobody in the area for you.” Well ain’t that the damn truth! I only made it on Tinder for about 3 days before I decided it was mostly creepy wierdos, or people I had known all my life, or in a lot of cases, both. My town has 1,800 people in it so there aren’t many options. With Tinder, though, I kept getting really hot guys show up when I was in the town I work in because it is on the Interstate and between KC and Denver. I’d see these hot guy’s pictures and then every time they sent a message they’d be further and further and further away. It was like a giant tease.

    • Oh yeah that totally blows!!

      I was on Tinder for maybe 5 minutes last fall. The superficiality of judging based just on a photo I didn’t like. I know it’s worked for some but it wasn’t for me – at least not then.

      • I agree…I much prefer to judge based on grammar and sentence structure. 🙂 You can be super hot, but if you say “I seen that” or “don’t got none” I just can’t look past that!

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