My poor son :(

For the prior year, Sunday has been the day that my son switches houses.

Last night, whilst going over our plans for today (Sunday) with my son, he said

“and after that, I go to Daddy’s, right?”

and I had to explain that Daddy is away and he will only be coming home every few weekends.

I could feel the sadness radiating off him, yet, just like his father, he didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t press it.

So…it’s a beautiful day here today, and I’m taking my son to a place filled with trees and parkland, surrounded by water, with an amazing amusement park for children. We will ride the rides and play games and lay on the grass. We will be joined by a close friend and her two girls later in the day.

And I’m hoping that my son forgets his sadness, if just for a few hours.

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  1. when that happens is when I circle back and realize how much routine is important to kids in general. when you mix in one with extra needs, routine is paramount. And no matter how much prep and transition you do, that slight change can sometimes throw them, if even in the moment. You are a wonderful person/parent; not only for working diligently to co-parent with your ex in a loving way for your son, but because the empathy you have for him and with him gives him the model of kindness to emulate. here’s hoping the lovely summer Sunday with you and friends eased the tightness in his heart if even a bit. enjoy your extra time with him!

    • Wow thanks so much for those thoughts…you are very kind. I do try to model the right things for him. It’s so hard when you know it didn’t have to be this way, when you see them hurting.

      It was a beautiful day and I think it helped. He’s talking to his Dad on skype right now as I write this.

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