My heart has overtaken my p*ssy

I will write more about this, but let’s just say, I currently have my freedom. To do whatever I want with whomever I want.

Yes, I’m in an open, long-distance relationship with my long-distance boyfriend, Johnny Id. If you don’t know the story, it’s worth reading (in my humble opinion).

Even better for me, I suppose, is we agreed to him being closed and me being open. It’s a long story, but given the alternatives, it was the best decision of a bad lot. I would not have reacted well to anything I considered a restriction on my hard-won freedom.

So…anyone who has read about My Lovers or the Men I’ve Slept with (in three parts!!) might wonder why, since Johnny left a month ago, I haven’t posted anything about any new sexcapades. It’s okay, I get it and am not offended. I have a crazy high sex drive and have exhibited little, if any, restraint when it comes to men and sex.

So – Newsflash – Ann St. Vincent can fuck whomever she likes, whenever she likes. 

Let me add to the background that since Johnny left, I’ve heard from two recurring characters (yes, that’s the right word) on this blog. P / Shenanigans, and The Chef (just go to my Lovers page for the stories about them). Also a dude who I’ve never written about, who was someone I met a while ago online and we never met and it just faded away.

They all came back.

Regarding P: I though it weird that I kept seeing those alerts on my POF app on my phone. My profile is hidden and I figured it was those annoying notices about “new matches” which I always ignored. But then one day I got two in a day so opened the app to check it out. He’d been sending me texts in the last place he knew where to reach me. Several over the previous many weeks.

They were actually pretty funny to read; he got all upset that I was ignoring him (which I was, but not knowingly). Ended up saying that he missed me and was sorry he acted so badly and asked for my mobile number. I ignored him and he kept messaging me so I finally responded with something like “Why would I want to talk to you again? Why on earth would I expect to have an outcome any different from the last several times?”. Subsequently, he’s been contrite.

I could certainly go there. He’s a known entity, and actually would be rather a good choice for an open relationship because I think he’s an asshole and there’s no chance in hell of me falling in love with him, getting caught up in relationship bullshit, etcetera. It would just be sex.

On to the chef:

He hadn’t ever really gone away. As I’ve written before, he would send me the occasional text message asking me if I wanted to have sex with him, providing a handy cock shot as a reminder, and asking for a tit pic. He’d been quiet of late, ever since I told him he wouldn’t get a pic of me until after I saw him again. I had no intention of seeing him again but knew it would work.

Until a few weeks ago when he reached out again.

Like P, there’s no chance of anything with this guy. It would only be sex. Definitely no strings. And he was a decent lay and pretty cute.


I found myself, on many occasions, staring at my phone and their invitations and thinking – okay Ann, here’s your chance to get laid! You just gotta respond…say the world…they’re all yours.

You know what I felt?


I’m not interested. I could care less about fucking these guys.

Knock me over with a feather. 

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    • Thanks! I’m curious, of course, whether it will last (not the love part)…because at some point I may just need some sex. But with work and life being so busy, it might be before I know it that I’m seeing Johnny again. We shall see!

  1. Well there you go. So now I should start regretting telling you that I am in no way someone you’d be interested in and that my hideous looks, short stature, and god-awful personality may (or may not) turn you off.


    I will, however continue to enjoy your rat-a-tat-tat stories. From a distance, of course.

  2. This is the WORST thing I’ve read all day. I mean good for you and all that BS…..but FUCK that if someone gave me a hall pass I’d be getting more action then a Thai Lady Boy in an airport washroom. The striking difference between men and women.


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    The Differrence between men and women. Here she is talking about her long distance relationship and her ability to sleep with others and she just won’t (good for her). But any hard working, testosterone dripping hairy chested man would be all over the oppurtunity. Sex doesn’t always have to include the heart, but I agree it is better when it does.

    ~Francis in the CIty

  4. Did you know that in the outback of Australia many of the sheep ranchers don’t build fences. Their sheep are free to roam whereever they choose. They have their freedom. Do you know they build instead? Wells.

    And your post reminds me of that logic. 🙂 “Well” done.

  5. Don’t overanalyze things too much (this from the queen of analyzing and overthinking things to death). The heart wants what it wants and sometimes that is connected to the nether-regions. While it sucks not to be having real, live sex (take it from one who knows), especially with the man you love – now that your heart is full and you are cherished for who you are (and not just your tits and girly bits), maybe you will find that sex will mean something a bit different.

  6. I can kind if relate. My hubby, and poly wife have both been on the lookout for fwb’s for various reasons. I decided to look again too, as it had been a few years, and discovered that as much as I like the search, I had no interest in actually following through with any of the guys. Right now my hubby, poly hubby, and poly wife are all I need. I do have a fwb, but we’ve seen each other in play capacity twice in 5 months (once alone, and once with his wife and our quad), so that’s not the frequency I figured I wanted.

  7. This sounds positive to me. You are letting your intuition guide you. If you’re not feelin it, you just aren’t. Who knows? Maybe you will change your mind and decide you are. It’s interesting how your own feelings and emotions can surprise you.

  8. I think sometimes when our heart is involved and someone shows us how we really should be treated, the others seem much less worth the time and effort of giving ourselves.

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