41-and-a-week is NOT old. Right?!

I’m just over 41 years old. I suppose there are worse things.

This past week was…decent. I hit over 43,000 hits on my blog on my birthday. I can’t actually believe that it’s been looked at that many times, so perhaps it’s a large number, but as most things blog-related, I have no clue. It was lovely to get all those birthday wishes…so thank you 🙂

I still haven’t gotten my period which is SUPER annoying. There is nothing like being pre-menstrual for a whole month. Sheesh.

Anyway, I had little time to focus on my generalised funk, because my days usually go as follows:

  • Wake up
  • Spend 5 minutes chatting with my son
  • Drag my ass downstairs and make myself a latte
  • Say good morning to my nanny and remember to tell her all the things I forgot the previous day
  • Ensure I don’t traumatize my nanny by her seeing me naked whilst I’m getting dressed
  • Try to ensure I look presentable (lately, the lack of clothes fitting has made this a wee challenge)
  • Eat something. Usually yogurt with granola and a side of fruit
  • Kiss my son goodbye
  • Run out the door with bag and computer and house keys. occasionally with a packed lunch
  • Arrive a few minutes late to my first meeting
  • Be in back to back meetings all day, including over lunch
  • Finally get some work done after my last meeting
  • Arrive home after my son has finished dinner; he’s often already in the tub
  • Eat dinner
  • Say goodbye to my nanny
  • Hang out for an hour with my son, read him a book, sing to him until he falls asleep
  • Try not to fall asleep when putting him to bed
  • Get ready for bed
  • Tackle any of the tasks I need to get done for the following day text Johnny Id
  • Sleep

My ex left for his new job on my birthday, so I am settling in to the reality of having very little social life. There are people I want to see and when I look at my calendar I have very few choices. Everything is now a negotiation. I will figure it out, but I will need to be creative about it.

I do actually now have 2 posts brewing, which is a nice change after having been bereft of ideas. Perhaps I can find some time this week to write them.

In the interim, in case you missed anything from last week, here’s what I wrote about.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the posts that Johnny wrote about his trip here, which (for me) are humbling and amazing. I hope you enjoy them:

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  1. I know some people who are old at 35. Not just mentally. They look it too. And I know people twice that age who are still young. Stress and the schedule you describe will age you, given enough time. Of course… given enough time, many things will. 🙂

    But for now, rest assured you in no way look old. And if your life is causing you to feel that way at the moment, I hope you negotiate through it quickly. Hugs.

    • I’ve had this schedule for well over a decade…and it was worse before that…so I’m hoping all the deep breathing and laughter and positive attitude (most days) is helping. Or…maybe it’s just the wine.

      I’m glad I don’t look old. I *do* trust your judgement 🙂

  2. Something worse than 41 and a week would be 41 and two weeks (just kidding)
    I’m 31 years old and my female friends have not half the youth of character, the amazing figure (ahem, I saw the photographs you published), or the interestingness you have. Even worse is that with that horrible hipster fashion my females friends seems so unattractive as they would try to negate their natural beauty behind thick glasses and heavy dresses.
    I guess worse is to have any age and don’t live.

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