28 December 1998 | Throwback Thursday

My last journal entry was 28 December 1998. It’s significant because it’s the last entry I made, until I started this blog last year. It was also the only entry about my ex-husband, Will. 

Over the next few days I will post the entry, in a few parts. 

I know, I deserve to be reprimanded for this 14 month hiatus – it seems like the time has flown by! I’ve discovered that work sucks up so much time, and attempting to work and play is difficult. Ah, the adult world.

[I write a lot about work next, because I was with a company that was going bankrupt, and given the nature of what I did I had to figure out what to do next.]

The problem, of course, is deciding what to do next. I’m really at a loss. I’ve considered going back to school to do an MBA…I don’t think it can hurt…Even if I decide to do an MBA, I don’t know what to do with it. I like solving problems, and I think I’m good at working with and figuring out people. So, I do think I would enjoy a consulting job, or something in Marketing. I’ve always been interested in how products and services are marketed…

BIG NEWS IN LOVE!!! Let’s just start by saying that the year leading up to October 30 1998 was less than successful romantically. I met about 8 guys, none of whom worked out for one reason or another – mostly because they weren’t interested. Was I desperately seeking? Probably.

I got physically involved with only one or two of them, but still, no sex. I just didn’t want to – I wanted the right guy, not meaningless sex. I haven’t seen Claude since Aug 97, but (although I didn’t mention it on these pages) I knew somehow we would never work out. It was only after spending 4 days with him that I saw some of his more troublesome habits.

Not to mention that he professes to really love the woman he’s living with, but he has no trouble sleeping with me. I just find it troublesome.

But – the news!! Bill and Geoff, two friends from university, introduced me to my current boyfriend. Bill, who is still living in Montreal, came down for Halloween weekend. On Oct 30, the Friday night, we planned on meeting…and they brought Will along.

…Well, Will seemed like a nice guy, very gregarious and funny, and smart (good-looking too!). At some point during the evening, I gave him my business card. At the end of the night, he joked about giving me a call, but everything was pretty light and funny. Although I did like him, I had just been burned by someone else and was not about to get my hopes up that he would call.

Well – he faxed me the following Wed and gave me his home phone number. He actually photocopied his business card (he had none the night we went out). So, I called him the next day (didn’t want to seem desperate). I got his voicemail. he called me back later that day, and he left a message on my home machine saying he would love it if we went for coffee.

I got his message when I got out of a meeting at 5:30, so I gave him a call. I figured we would be on the phone for just a few minutes while we made our plans. As it turned out, we talked for 2 hours! Just about anything and everything.

It was wonderful, and I suspected we were going to get along famously. We ended up planning to see a play together, which was opening the following week at the theatre. We agreed since we spoke for 2 hours, that was sort of our first date and going to the theatre would not be moving too fast.

The next week he picked me up (he drives a 1982 300 SEL Mercedes Benz, his parents’ old car) and we had a great time. Fantastic seats, and he met Mom and some friends. During the show, he grabbed and held my hand. I could scarcely believe it! It felt nice to have the affection.

After the show, we went to a restaurant, a pretty swank establishment (lots of models and money men). The kitchen was closed, but we spied these very cool booths which would snugly hold two. When Will asked me if I wanted to stay, I said yes, as long as we could sit in the booth. He said “as long as I get to sit beside you” 🙂

We had a couple martinis and chatted for a couple of hours. It was lovely. He paid, drove me home, and kissed me goodnight. It was an amazing kiss. I floated up to the apartment. He said to me that he wanted to see me again, and I said I’d call him. He said I didn’t need to wait the requisite two days, that he’d love it if I called him the next day. So I did!

We made plans on Thursday to go out on Friday – he asked me what I wanted to do, and I first said it didn’t matter, that I wanted him to choose. When he pressed the issue, I actually told him – I wanted to go swing dancing. He said on one condition – that I dance with him. Are you kidding?!? Thursday night after work I rushed to the store to get heels and a dress…

Tomorrow’s post…the best date I’d had in my entire life…

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  1. It looks like you found that night a gentleman 🙂 If I were younger I would print it to learn from him but enough time has passed to notice that every lady is a universe so there are no recipes.
    Waiting and hoping for tomorrow 🙂

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