WTF Greenland…don't you love me?

I try to not pay too much attention to my statistics but occasionally look at the views by country.

I have to confess…I’m getting a bit obsessed with Greenland. Perhaps it’s a sign I don’t have enough to worry about. Or that I have a lot to worry about and at this moment am procrastinating.

My blog has invaded much of the world, except that big white mass known as Greenland. I’ve been waiting for just one person to read. Just one, and that big white spot would be gone.

Sigh. Do y’all know anyone?

Who am I kidding. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Greenland or with any connection to that place whatsoever.

I know there are a bunch of you out there, but am pretty sure Sharn has done considerable work filling in Australia, like the Hook has for Canada. I think I could bet on Namibia being all due to Serins but hey, if you are from there too, I’d love to hear from you.

For the US? I will concede perhaps I have more than one reader there. I went to pick one Yank to thank and just couldn’t…there are several of you who I adore. One in particular, naturally, but I think you’ll barf if I call him out on every post this week.

(and to those of you searching for Donkey Fuckers, I’m sure you help fill out my map too…so thank you)

WTF Greenland?!

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  1. No need to include the “try” caveat. Who are you trying to kid? Everyone pays too much attention to their statistics. I’m guessing you pour over them with a fine-tooth comb. Just like I do.

    • I *do* try. I just didn’t do very well at trying for a while. I’m better now, actually…it started with being shocked that anyone was reading, then curious as to how and why my readership was building.

      Now I do check, but not obsessively. I’ve become comfortable with what I choose to write, and I continue to be humbled that people have stuck with me.

      Have you cracked Greenland yet?

        • Hold it a second.

          You post graphically erotic tales and nude photos (all of which I approve of, btw) and you’re shocked that anyone would read?!. Oh, brother. Again I ask, who are you trying to kid? I’m shocked that anyone would read a mommy blog, not this stuff.

          • Okay, well since you asked…

            You know I never considered myself a writer and that I started writing as an outlet. So it really hadn’t occurred to me that anyone would pay attention. That’s what I was shocked about.

            My erotic stories are nowhere near the real erotica that’s out there. So if you just want explicit stuff, there’s better stuff out there.

            I’ve only posted 2 photos on this site, ever. One was a test (which proved my point about female bloggers and gaining readership through posting photos – or anything tagged “tit”, probably), and the other, well, I just felt like it.

            I’m not shocked now. Lots of people have told me they appreciate my honesty and candor and they like my story and way of expressing things. So I don’t pretend to not know that. But I am always self-effacing so continue to feel wonderment that people have stuck around and my readership continues to grow. I’m approaching what to me is an astonishing milestone.

            You can certainly count on it that I’ll write about it when I get there.

          • I wasn’t sure if that was a – “are you mad” as in crazy – because well, yeah, on occasion. Or a “are you mad” as in angry – definitely not.

  2. EXCUSE ME!?!? I have one view from Greenland. A buddy of mine is in the military and had to land in Sondrestrom one day. I talked him into logging onto my blog. For that sole purpose. But I’m at a loss for the rest of the world. ** sigh**

    The people of Greenland are a loving lot, and I’m sure just need to be prodded and poked a little. They will fall for your wiley ways.

  3. Yes! I’m happy to report that there are people in Greenland. And several of them have even dipped their digital toes in the waters at Creative Nooding. 🙂 Perhaps it’s because of my last name? Sadly though I’ve go no one reporting from the Western Sahara or Mauritania.

  4. Hi Ann, and thanks for your comment. WP put you in my spam folder, and I only found the comment tonight. Coming to you from outside Washington, DC, and alas alas, Greenland doesn’t love me either!!!

  5. OMG – I did a post on this exact topic, on the exact same day. And I also have a big hole where Greenland should be… Amazing coincidence – if you believe in coincidences.

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