Why Match.com obviously hated my guts

I saved these screenshots a long time ago but was clearing out some stuff on my computer tonight – okay, to be honest I was making sure I didn’t have any cock shots or naked selfies in my “2014 Photos” folder on my computer. I moved them elsewhere 😉

Moving right along…

I had saved these because they made me laugh. And also made me wonder if Match.com was some big fucking conspiracy to mess with me. You see, on all the other dating sites I was on, you had an option to hide someone from your matches, or block them, so you didn’t have to be reminded of one who got away, or who was a complete asshole or weirdo.

But nope! Not Match! Here’s proof. And really…I still think the algorithm was out to get me.

Here is an email telling me that the hot actor who dissed me (right at the top!!) as well as the old friend who was the MC at my wedding (a new recommendation!), would be good for me. Really?

Leave me alone 1

And then, of course, are the ones who just keep on coming back. I wrote a whole set of posts about a guy known as the Cook…and months later, Match decided to put him forward for me. Even though we didn’t even meet on the site.  Of course he also showed up in the “look who has looked at you!” email. Sigh.

And, let’s not forget the guy who didn’t respond to emails from me on either this site or another one (no, I’m not a stalker…I made a joke that he showed up in my top 10 list twice), and ended up going on some dates with a close girlfriend. She said he was a sloppy kisser and I guess he still wasn’t successful, months later.

But all is not lost, because from this advertisement I received from Match, it looks like all the men there are clones of one another. Am I the only one that thought it was kinda creepy?

But dont worry they are all clones

The only “new matches” email you can’t fully get rid of is Plenty of Fish…but at least they just tempt you with “you have new matches!” so you can’t see anyone coming back like a bad rash, and they are easy to delete.

I finally remembered a couple of months ago to turn off the annoying Match.com emails, although it does diminish the comedic value. Everyone told me Match would be good because it wasn’t a free site so therefore you would get “quality” guys. But that certainly wasn’t my experience.

The last thing you need is a constant reminder of guys who treated you badly, or who creeped you out, or you are otherwise trying to ignore. Don’t get me started on the other emails that you receive once you let your paid subscription lapse. Actually, that’s probably worth writing about. Back to you shortly!

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  1. Among the many reasons I hate POF, the inability to hide users is just one of them. And at least on OKC you can see when people logged in last. Meanwhile, girls show up on POF who may not have logged in for weeks or even months. I remember coming across the profile of a girl I knew on real life, so I sent her a message on Facebook saying, “hey, I just found you on POF!” She was like, omg I haven’t even signed in for two years…

    • At least with POF, if memory serves, you can remove people from your “match” lists. But you can’t turn off their match emails, even with a hidden profile. With match.com, you can turn off the emails but can’t hide users from showing up in your lists. My favorite site was actually OK Cupid. But I’ve been offline from all of them for many months – just briefly going back online to grab some fun screen shots.

  2. That is very funny….but, I did just get 2 texts from 2 different men I met on Match that said I came back up on their screens as interested when I haven’t logged in for about 6 weeks or so now. So perhaps we filter back through as reminders too!

  3. I tried Match for 1 month also with the idea that if I paid it would weed out the weirdos sleeping on their mom’s couch. Not so, I guess their mom gave them an allowance. My best match was the guy who listed his interest as Star Trek. Being a trekkie myself I thought it was as good a place to start as any, until he suggested, in his first email to me, that we should watch Star Trek together naked, on his couch. All I could think of is that awful sound flesh makes when it sticks to leather and you go to stand up. I did not renew my subscription.

  4. This made me laugh, because I just signed up for Match.com about two weeks ago and I’m already laughing about it on my Twitter feed and Facebook page. It’s a little series I call “Adventures in Online Dating”. Like the email from BigBoobieLover123 who said, “You want to play spin the bottle?” I responded: “These aren’t the boobs you’re looking for. Move along.”

  5. That whole “you’ll get better quality guys because they actually pay for it” is one of the biggest lines of bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life.

  6. myself I have tried a few different sites including a pay site as an experiment. Unfortunately, it was as phony as the other pay sites, including attempts on phishing and trying to obtain my personal information (by the girls). Have to say, I never knew that 50+ hot (and I do mean hot) 20+ want to have sex with a 40 year old man. That was my first clue…
    Regadless, I have concluded that I will get more action on twitter than any dating site. At least the girls respond on twitter since the don’t respond on OKC. Look forward to hearing about your experience with cancelling. I am still trying to cancel the pay one. (another blog I will have to write once it is said and done).

    • Well I am able to shut down my profile and not pay anymore, but if you have a profile on POF, even hidden, you still get the “new matches” emails. They are easy to delete and less annoying since they don’t include any actual matches!!

      Never would have imagined Twitter as a dating site. I still have a profile but disconnected it from this blog, since I want to limit the chance my blog is found by anyone I know.

      • Oh I have two twitter accounts. Vanilla and than my naughty one. As to pof you can’t register if married and I don’t in on my profile.

        Twitter has been my main source for connecting with like minded couples. Although majority are far away it has been a lot of fun.

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