What my boyfriend has to say about all this

This could be considered a cop out, since it’s not my content. But such is life. Anyway, I inspired said content.

Johnny has been writing about our trip. Actually, a lot more than I have, as of right now. He’s pretty good at it, and he draws pictures too (which is way beyond my capability).

For those of you who have been following my posts about him, but haven’t read his stuff, you might want to see his side of things.

So here goes:

The condition he’s in on his flight, knowing I’m meeting him bra-less and panty-less

The post he wrote when he couldn’t sleep; awake on my couch

When he came face to face with my butt plug door stop

How he got a tattoo to remember me by

The sex toys I bought for him

How bacon and fudge was a part of our food life and sexual encounters

He played lego with my son, then we had a quickie in my bathroom

How we had a threesome and it didn’t go spectacularly well (and yeah, I haven’t written about this yet)

How he actually slaked my sexual thirst. Which admittedly is no small feat.

Trying to just enjoy the time we have together

A two-parter about a romp in a jacuzzi, and a bed that was really annoying

I have drafts to finish, and will write about some of the same things…but sometimes the real story can only be found once you hear both sides.



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