The f*cking un-f*ck-inable bed

So Johnny and I spent last night in a quaint little town a little ways outside my city, where there are cute shops and a big nearby attraction that I wanted Johnny to see.

We had a great evening, with dinner, lots of good conversation, and kissing under a big tree in the dark, like teenagers.

The kissing movedΒ to the room, then we went to the hotel outdoor hot tub where he fingered me in the pool and didn’t stop even after we were joined by others. Nothing could be seen through the bubbles but I got really tired of almost having an orgasm and trying to keep a neutral face. Just couldn’t do it.

So we went back to the room and things progressed and soon I was on top of him and then we quickly realised the following:

1) The bed was not attached to the headboard.

2) The headboard could not be used for holding on (leverage) unless I was 7 feet tall.

3) The bed moved with every thrust. Like, really moved.

Imagine trying to keep a steady and quick woman-on-top rhythm with the bed responding with its own counter rhythm. The equal and opposite reaction, as it were. I would think I had it figured out and could feel a really powerful orgasm building and then one of us would switch things up ever so slightly and the bed totally fucked with us.

I got very frustrated. Johnny dealt with it with his usual charm, patience, and skill. We abandoned the bed for other hotel furniture.

This morning when I told him the title of this post, he took it as a challenge and decided he would master fucking me in it. He did…and all was right in our world again.

We have only 2 more nights together and one full day. I am very sad at the thought. Will write more later but right now my priority is the beautiful, sweet, and super sexy man waiting for me in by bedroom upstairs.

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  1. At least your bed didn’t collapse through into the room below, bursting water pipes, shorting the electrics of the whole state and CNN reports, “It’s okay ! Ann and Jid have two more days then they leave”. <3 xox

  2. Quaint little towns need to up their game – and reinforce their beds – if they’re going to tap (pun intended), the singles sweet, sassy ‘n sexy market, Ann!
    Have fun making that room resemble a Jackson Pollack painting, you two!

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