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First of all, I wanted to thank Mark Baron for actually considering me to be a writer and for asking me to participate in the blog tour. I’m flattered and honoured.

Second, I’m a little way late, so sorry about that, Mark. I feel like I’m slowly coming out of the fog of the last many weeks. Sleep is helping, as is support from some really great friends.

I wrote that last sentence a few weeks ago. Now that I’m laid up in bed (minds out of the gutter) post-surgery, I decided to focus on the lovely bloggers who have nominated me for things, along with catching up on work emails, dealing with house clutter, and perhaps writing some blog posts to keep this blog going during Johnny’s visit.

And of course, the gigantic stack of un-read magazines, any movies I’ve taped in the last 3 9 months, and the books cluttering the other nightstand.

Here are the questions that I’m required to answer as part of participating:

1) What am I working on?

Bettering and knowing myself.

Okay, I know you mean in my writing. Just this blog. I started this blog as my journal, which I had abandoned for 15 years. My last journal entry was right after my ex-husband broke up with me. I haven’t written in it since. Because of how I write (see #4), this is all I want to write right now. Perhaps someday, Johnny Id will convince me that my story has wide appeal. But for now, I’m still telling my story.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I would have snorted with laughter at this question when I started this blog. I didn’t knowΒ  there was anything particularly interesting or special about what I write. But, based on the feedback I have received since, it seems people find my candor and honesty refreshing. I have no secrets from my journal, and therefore, none on this blog. Because this is for me, ultimately, it never occurred to me to try to craft a vision here that was anything other than exactly who I am and what I feel.

3) Why do I write what I do?

After my split from my ex, I had a lot of stories I was telling friends. They were mostly about dating catastrophes, but also about how we made the decision and how we were approaching being split. Several people said I should write my stories down. I missed keeping a journal so decided to go for it. A close friend suggested a blog would be a good outlet.

I write the content I write because it helps me process things. It helps keep me honest. I can’t deny how stupid I am with men sometimes, when the 10 posts on Shenanigans stare me in the face. There are a few things I share now that aren’t just for me (like the gender-bending video) but they are the very rare exception.

4) How does my writing process work?

Usually, I just sit down and write, as if I was telling you the story. I’ll get an idea in my head about something I have experienced, or will have been noodling over an issue I’m having, or things I’m talking about with my friends.

Sometimes I make a few bullet points in WordPress to capture the thought and come back to it later (for example, the viciousness of girls was brewing for a little while).

Other times, I just write it out (for example, why men like their women broken). I don’t spend a lot of time reworking things, and hope that doesn’t show too much – mostly a scan for grammar, and the basic story / argument structure.

Now, when it comes to who to ask to participate…

I’m always a bit challenged in finding other bloggers to whom to pass awards. Not because there aren’t many that are worthy, but the first who come to mind are a) already incredibly popular, b) blog friends (and one lover) which seems a bit nepotistic (Yes, I made up a word. Yes, I know nepotism is about family. Sue me.), or c) they have been nominated for a bunch of awards already.

Also, I’m not a big fan of poetry (yeah, sorry, I know lots of you write poetry). I find it hard to appreciate – although I confess I like the naughty stuff; but I like most naughty stuff. Poetry in general is just not my thing and there’s a lot of it out there. Perhaps the next award I will pick only from poetry bloggers. But not today.


In order to find the bloggers I wanted to recognize through this chain, I decided to look at the blogs of the last ~20 people who have commented on my blog (as of Friday). Here are the three writers I have picked to continue the tour:

  1. Stella Grace of Ramblings of a Single, White, Fat Middle Aged Chick | her post I Feel Bad incurred the wrath of one of our favourite vipers
  2. J.R. LeMar of iblogalot | read his freshly pressed post about white rappers
  3. Hollie of My Blog is My Boyfriend | check out her post Climbing Mount Jerry

Please check out their sites. I hope you enjoy what you read.


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  1. I always enjoy your writing and am glad to have found your blog. There are times I wish I could tell a story, seems the voices in my head always try to find some way to make the words rhyme. πŸ™‚

  2. Of course, you’re a “real” writer. Your words sound like you are talking to an old friend whose known you forever. I wished more books were like that. Hope you had a restful weekend. xo

  3. I can’t believe you don’t like my poetry. I think I’m going to write angry rhymes about this…

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  5. Aw thanks Ann! That reminds me, I have a couple of nominations I’ve been putting off forever.. I better get on those! You’re very sweet to include me in this!

  6. I also find poetry to be difficult to read sometimes…not my favorite genre of writing. Sounds like your blog has been a great outlet for you! I look forward to reading more!

  7. Well deserved to be recognized for your great writing. Congratulations

    No need to apologize for not liking poetry. All is good.
    Naughtiest poem I wrote was called my first time LOL no of course not. I am only naughty on Sunday.

  8. You’ve never steered us wrong before, Ann. Well done, by the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this look behind your brain curtain.
    (Yes, my mind is a wonderful place to live.)

    • There are a few upcoming awards posts with more peeks behind the curtain. I hope they don’t scare you off…but I don’t think you scare easily.

      (BTW I added you permanently to my sidebar :))

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