Slept through the last week? Here's something for ya.

If you are reading this, it’s because I haven’t had the time to write about Johnny’s visit yet. We are obviously occupied with other things. No, I’m not asking for any sympathy whatsoever.

But it seems to be a high vacation time these days, so I thought you might want to see what I was up to this past week in one handy spot, if you are otherwise overwhelmed with the hundreds of backlogged blog posts.

I actually published my 200th post on Thursday. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve said before, I never knew I had so much to say. I’m glad you are still along for the ride.

So what did I do last week?

I finally got around to responding to Mark Baron’s Blog Hop Invitation, and two Liebster Awards (with some bonus alliteration).

I did everyone who sleeps with women a public service but sharing a video on real versus fake orgasms.

Oh, yeah, and I had a dream about a fantasy of having a threesome with Johnny Id. Planning is in the works right now.

I tried to convince y’all that frequent sex in a relationship is important, and you should start making it a habit from the very beginning. Judging from the comments, I hit a nerve.

If you need some laughs, you can also catch up on the first and subsequent booty-call-cock-shot-text-messaging I received from the young chef, who I’ve been calling a douchebag, because it seems appropriate. He has kept texting me, just so you know.

I’ve got more stuff scheduled to keep you company next week; I hope you enjoy it and please forgive me in advance if I’m a little slow on responding to your comments.

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