Saturday Morning: Beer, Wine, and Sex Two Times. Yes, you read that right.

Beer, Wine, and Sex Two Times.

That’s about as much rhyming on my blog you will find.



Saturday morning we woke up, a bit tired from waking each other up throughout the night, but extremely happy to be in the same bed. We had sex, naturally, and I realized that I was still affected by my surgery, when my ability to ride like crazy in cowgirl position was slightly diminished. My stamina just wasn’t the same (but if I do say so myself, I still gave him a great ride).

Eventually our need for coffee and food took over – it was probably 10:30am. We took a shower together. During our first visit, I never showered alone. I suspected it might be the same thing this time as well. We started to get a bit hot and heavy in the shower and almost started to fuck, but we stopped.

Why, you might ask? We were on a mission to go to a Saturday farmers market which is one of my favourite places in the city. We didn’t have another opportunity because the following Saturday we would be elsewhere.

At the market, our first stop was a cheese maker who is highly respected and also a real riot. I’ve invested in her business a couple of times and as a result, we have known each other for a while. She knows I’m single now and in front of Johnny, asks if he is new. I tell her where he’s from. She starts to offer us her cheese and the conversation goes as follows:

  • Me: Oh, he doesn’t eat cheese.
  • Johnny: [nods assent]
  • Her: What?
  • Me: I know, I know. This could be a real problem in our relationship.
  • Her (to him): Do you drink wine?
  • Johnny: Yes
  • Her (to me): Well, if he likes wine, and the sex is good, then you will be okay.

I laugh and tell her we are totally okay. IΒ nosh on her cheese and we make small talk and I buy a bunch for a party I’m having later in the week. She wishes us luck and points out a winery booth nearby.

Wine? Before breakfast? BRING IT ON.

We do a full wine tasting flight. It’s not even noon. I buy several bottles of wine for the party.

We find an amazing butcher and taste all kinds of amazing sausages and pepperoni. And yes, I buy some for the party.

A local and famous chef has a chip stand. French fries for breakfast?! After Wine?! YES. With an amazing aioli.

We wander to a nearby pond and sit, eat our french fries, talk, and enjoy the beautiful morning.

We meander. Truly meander…just wander around some trails, holding hands.

Then all of a sudden, I realize we need to go. We are supposed to be at my Mom’s shortly afterwards. We stop at a local liquor store on the way back home and guess what?

DARK BEER TASTING. With chocolate dessert matches, naturally.

Could the morning get any better?

Indeed, it did.

We popped back to my place to drop off the purchases. I left my car with the flashers on so we could unload. We had about six minutes before we needed to leave.

Of course, we start kissing. Soon it’s progressing, my body is responding, I’m wet, he’s hard, but I’m starting to freak out a little bit due to the time. We obviously both want to just get naked, but this is not a man who can have a quickie. Or can he?

I say:Β it’s too bad you aren’t a 6 minute man.

He says:Β I can try!

I pulled his shorts and underwear down and sucked his cock for a minute or two. I pulled down my shorts and thong and using my kitchen stool for support, I leaned over and he took me from behind. The angle hit one of my spots and I came quickly. He came, I looked at the clock and it was 7 minutes,Β which is a speed record for us.

I hadn’t even taken my converse off.

I stood up and could feel his cum dripping down my leg… and I couldn’t show up at my parents stinking of sex. I cleaned myself up and off we went to meet my parents and my son.

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  1. This is such a sweet recollection of a nice Saturday morning. Made me a bit sad, though, because I had those very same experiences with B. who is now irrevocably gone from my life. But I smiled at your words because the memories are happy even if the person holding them is not.

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