Johnny's Coming! Johnny's Coming!

Yes, it could also be titled Johnny’s Cumming…but that’s not quite right just yet…we’ll have to wait a few hours for that.

The big day is finally here. Those of you who want the back story are best to check out my lovers page, and sit down with a big cup of coffee. Johnny Id is coming to town. I haven’t seen him since the beginning of May and it’s been torture.

I’m picking him up at the airport this afternoon. I’ve removed my son’s car seat from the back seat of my car. I’m wearing a halter top dress with no bra and no panties. I’m hoping I don’t need to explain why, but just in case…we are not leaving the airport parking lot until I’ve fucked him in the back seat of my car. He knows this is the plan, but I’m confident it won’t diminish the impact.

My kitchen is stocked. The sheets are fresh. The water bottles are on either side of the bed.

We have nothing that must be done until tomorrow after lunch. Well, that’s not exactly true. What must be done is the erasing of time and distance. To be in each others arms, non-stop. To ignore the rest of the world and just be in my bed, my head on his chest, or my mouth on his cock, or his hand on my breast, or his face between my legs.

I have written several posts to keep you entertained throughout the next ten days. I might write about Johnny’s visit as it happens, but you might also not hear a peep until I come up for air. To those of you I communicate with regularly, forgive my absence.

Off to the airport I go. Wish us luck.

0 thoughts on “Johnny's Coming! Johnny's Coming!

  1. Yippee!! It’s finally here! And I hope you don’t come up for air. At all! Aside … back seat airport sex …. mmmm … good idea

  2. Every time two 5’10″ers have backseat airport sex, an angel gets its wings…or your readers get a fun new notion to add to their archetype fantasies rolodex. I always mix those two up. Vaya con Dios, the dos of you!

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