I'm spamming all of you…

…turns out every single comment I have made over the last day or so is going into spam folders, since nothing is showing up on any of your sites.

So sorry if you think I’m ignoring your great posts. Check your spam folder πŸ™‚

0 thoughts on “I'm spamming all of you…

  1. Same thing happened to me some time ago, turns out that when I changed my discussion settings on my blog something went wrong with akismet.

  2. That has happened to me, and it is infuriating. Similarly, bloggers who have been commenting on my Blog for three years are suddenly told, “You comment is awaiting approval” without me doing or altering anything. “Weird things these platforms be” as a passing pirate spammer might say

  3. This happens to me, including just now, which is why I always try to periodically check my Spam folder throughout the day. Comments from people who have commented on my blog in the past without any problem will suddenly inexplicably be sent to my Spam folder, and then I have to manually approve them. It’s weird.

    On the other hand, WordPress is generally good at blocking comments that legitimately are spam. Those rarely get through. So I’m at least grateful for that.

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