I'm morose.

I’m trying not to be, but I’m morose. I’m watching him pack as I type these words. He leaves tomorrow morning, early. Our 10 days is up. 

(If you don’t know who I’m talking about, search “Johnny” on my blog or go to my Lovers page. It’s a darn-tooting dramatic and romantic story, if I do say so myself). 

We stopped by a tattoo parlor tonight, after dropping my son off with my Mom. He got a permanent reminder of me. No, it’s not my face or my name – he’s not an idiot – but it will always be there. It’s really fucking romantic. And sexy. 

Yes, we had the conversation about what’s next. Yes, I will share it, but not right now. I don’t know how much I will write about our time together – definitely some of the highlights. But there are moments that will remain just ours, forever. 

I will miss him terribly. Thank you WordPress, for helping him find me. 

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  1. I can’t imagine a more ‘perfect’ post after this special time. Was it really 10 days? Wow…went fast for me, too.

    S’wonderful…s’marvelous…savor…and know there’s more…a tattoo?…been there…it’s real.

  2. Wow. Time flies when it’s not you. What was the tattoo of? Pics? Most people go through life not experiencing the feelings that you have right now. Be happy it even happened. Until next time….

  3. I’m happy for you both, with all the challenges we face today, nice to feel someone finding a special place. Keep those special times to share with just the two of you…. Of course, you know we’ll wait for the parts you want to share… 🙂 Glad WordPress let you make the connection, also that I was able to add you to one of my reads.

  4. Oh my sweet friend. I know these feelings. And I’m so sorry. But cling to the bittersweetness. I’m so glad WordPress brought you together too.
    Great big hugs.

  5. Aww, my heart aches for you. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to part this time. On a lighter note I chuckled at “it is not my face or my name- he’s not an idiot.” I’m glad you two had a good visit and hoping the next comes quickly.

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