Happy Birthday to my Blog

It’s not a coincidence that I started my blog on the first day of my birthday month. I tend to be reflective around this time, and last year was no exception. More so, given it had only been a few weeks after I’d moved into my new place, and just a few weeks before then that my ex and I had ended our marriage.

At the urging of a close friend, I decided to re-start my journal, and decided to do it in blog format. And off I went.

I blogged steadily last September. My sex drive was super high (it still is, so this is probably just how it’s going to be). I had rediscovered my sexual confidence, which was amazing. I was feeling good about myself yet was sleeping with pretty much every man I met for “drinks”. Here are some highlights:

But the endless bullshit of dating I experienced was wearing thin. The pace of it all was exhausting. The weeks I didn’t have my son, I’d be on dates most nights. I was seeing my girlfriends and family but things were out of balance. It felt odd to be spending so much time engaging in something that was fun but not reaping the rewards. I really wanted to find someone super-sexual who also wanted to date. It had eluded me. Here are some examples:

I had experienced, in a very short timeframe, much of the crap that goes on. I wrote only 8 posts in October and 10 in November, and was very frustrated.

So I stepped back, removed myself off a couple of the dating sites, focussed on a few guys worthy of an effort, and stopped writing about it. One of my last posts from that time was called My New Rules.

Months passed.

I really missed writing, which was a surprise. I started again on a trip with my Mom the last days in February. I’ve written almost every day since then.

It’s been satisfying beyond what I ever imagined. It’s a way to process my life. I’ve made some great friends, I’ve gotten some wonderful support, and met a man I’m in love with. It’s an amazing thing.

Some of you have been active followers since the very beginning, and thank you for that. I have to give a shout-out to Ranting Crow who is follower #13 and still around.

I also can’t believe that this is post #225.

My very first post is still getting traffic – My Open Marriage and Unused Hall Pass. In addition to the ones I shared above, here are some other old posts you might enjoy:

About my marriage and affair

About dating

There are still old stories I want to tell. More about my relationship with the man I call Faraway Lover. There’s a second faraway lover who has yet to grace these pages. And more about my marriage.

Here’s to another year. Thanks for reading, from the bottom of my heart.

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Blog

  1. Congratulation and Happy Birthday in advance Buddy!!

    I hope to read many great thing in upcoming journey! My blog is just 2 months old and, your journey and words really inspired me.


  2. Happy birthday. And I’m only about the twentieth blog. Your right. I need a lot of time to catch up. Thanks reposting since it gives me a chance to see how your adventure started.

  3. Happy birthday to both you and your blog. You’ve had so many adventures, I love getting to read about them (and participate in them) and hope to continue to for a long time.

  4. Happy Birthday blog!

    I’m so glad you wrote “slept with pretty much every an I met for drinks” because this is where I am and I was beginning to wonder exactly how “bad” that might be. Screw it, it’s how we learn.

    And I also foresee stepping back and evaluating my new rules…I’ve done a little already.

    And I agree totally that there is so much good to be found in this community. It’s amazing. And I found you! Like a mentor! 😃

    Congrats on one year of blogging and Happy Birthday!

    • It’s not bad, as long as you are clear why you are doing it and you manage how hurt you get. That will be tricky.

      I know we all have to learn our lessons in our own way…but sometimes it helps to know how to avoid real landmines! I just hope I help a little bit with that 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday, Ann and Happy Bloggy anniversary, too! (I started about a year ago as well!)
    So glad that our paths have crossed and I look forward to reading more.
    I had actually penned a little e-mail in my head to you (re: post-surgical similarities I noticed)…but, I can see a happy you re-emerging. Best wishes, my friend!!

  6. Happy Birthday to the best damn blog – and blogger – in my personal blogosphere! You’ve touched my life immeasurably, Ann. I only hope I can return the favor, lady.

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