Friday: Where I mess around with Johnny in my car & put on a show

For information on my big romance, you can go to my Lovers page and read about Johnny Id, the fellow blogger who found me via this blog and who has captured my heart.

I worked from home the day he arrived, a little over 10 days ago. My nails were done, I was freshly shaven, there were fresh crisp sheets on my bed, and as I wrote in my post about him coming, we had plans to immediately get it on in my car when he arrived.

So I drive to the airport, andΒ could not find a dark and isolated parking spot anywhere. There is construction in the parking garage and as a result, it’s completely packed. I found an area blocked off for construction and parked beside it so at least one side is blocked off. I hoped perhaps the car would be covered in dust by the time I come back.

To make matters worse, my period, which is usually really light and lasts only a couple of days, had decided to stick around. While it’s not heavy, it’s there. Damn. I had given Johnny a heads up in case he minds such things. He didn’t. So I packed a towel for my backseat. Dual purpose, I figured. Just in case.

I parked and walked in to the arrivals area. Remembered to go to the bathroom to remove my tampon (awkward!) and panties.

I wait not-so-patiently at the end of the ramp while he goes through customs. I text with a girlfriend to pass the time.

Then suddenly he is there.

We kiss like we aren’t surrounded by parents and children waiting for their own loved ones. It is hard to break away from him; it’s as if doing so means he won’t be there again. I have to remind myself I have him for 10 days. He kisses me and I feel it everywhere in my body.

We break off and go to the car. He laughs when he sees where I’ve parked. We don’t care. I put my purse on the dash in the vain hope that it blocks. Not so much.

We get into the back seat and are immediately on one another. I can’t remember the last time I made out in the back seat of a car. My back is against the door and my head is against the window and he’s pulled down my dress, sucking on my nipples, his hand between my legs. It feels amazing.

I see out of the corner of my eye a set of construction workersΒ drive up in their truck and are annoyed their spot is taken. I can’t tell if they see us, but I’m sure they do; it’s pretty bright.

I giggle but we keep going.

A few minutes later, another construction worker walks right by my car. I notice the movement and look up. Our eyes lock, he smiles at me, I smile at him (Johnny takes no notice, as his face was between my legs) and he gives me a thumbs up.

I crack up.

We decide it’s best to take a break and drive to my house to continue our escapades, where nobody is watching.

It’s a short drive to my place and we waste no time.

More to come.

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  1. I always wanted to do construction. I just never saw the connection. Everyone loves a good show, although I think Johnny was in the better spot. Or in between. Or… well… never mind.

    “More to come.” You’re such a mynx.

  2. hehehe!! There’s something to be said about car shinanigans πŸ˜€

    Well done on the thumbs up for the construction worker πŸ˜‰ I’m sure he enjoyed it!!

  3. Hey, I nominated you the Beautiful Blogger’s Award. Obviously, don’t feel pressured to accept! If you are interested just check out my newest blog post for the info!

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