Cucumbers in Greenland

Actually this isn’t about Greenland. But you know my now-strong desire to have one of those 60,000 people love me.

After writing about impromptu sex toys, and then writing about whether the picture of my boobs overtook the masturbation post, cucumbers are now showing up in my search terms.

Innocuous? People looking for what to do with an abundance of cucumbers from their garden? Not quite. I present to you, two things I never thought would be put together in search terms:

  • cucumber like boobs
  • cucumber tits
  • cucumber between boobs
  • tits cucumbers

Am I missing some significant pop culture reference here? WTF do boobs have to do with cucumbers? I was traumatized the last time I searched that other common search term on my site – which I am NOT repeating here since I really don’t want that kind of attention.

So if anyone wants to enlighten me, go for it.

But before I go, maybe just a few Greenland (aka Grønland) terms and facts, for the record (thanks, Wikipedia!). And yes, before you say it, I know I’m becoming a total slut for Greenland.

  • Greenland’s head of state is Margrethe II, Queen regnant of Denmark.
  • With a population of 56,370 (2013), it is the least densely populated country in the world.
  • The average daily temperature of Nuuk, Greenland varies over the seasons from −8 to 7 °C (18 to 45 °F).
  • Greenland is the world’s largest non-continental island and the third largest country in North America.
  • The few land mammals in Greenland include polar bear, reindeer, musk ox, arctic fox, wolf, stoat, and arctic hare.


0 thoughts on “Cucumbers in Greenland

  1. Ha! How perfect. Maybe you could find out what’s popular in Greenland, and then write a whole post about what you’ve learned. I am sure that would grab some Greenlander’s attention. They’re clearly a misunderstood people.

  2. Cucumber boobs? That’s a new one. In Bridesmaids the mom made a reference to banana boobs, but I guess cucumbers have a similar shape. Poor woman.

    I am seriously frightened by some of the search terms that bring people to my blog. Like, should I call the police frightened.

  3. I saw cucumber boobs in Niagara Falls yesterday. Maybe you should start with trying to find a reader there and work your way (slowly) to Greenland. Although from what I saw yesterday, I’m not sure you really want them sending you pictures. Maybe you should put a caveat on your request for Greenland representation.

    • Um, by seeing them, do you mean you saw boobs that looked like cucumbers? And, in what way? Why wouldn’t people say “summer squash” or something that at least is closer to female coloring? I’m confused…

      Falls still flowing?

      • Hmm… sorry for the confusion. They were hidden under a dark shirt with no support, and traveled a very long way down her front. So my assumption was… summer squash, right? But as we had already covered the topic of cucumber boobs (or rather Google had covered it for us) I just thought… well… you know, I’ll just stick with cucumber. In an attempt to keep the Greenland vote going. Summer squash is more a Danish or Icelandic thing.

        And yes, If I could post a picture on my comment I would prove beyond a shadow of doubt that there is still substantial amounts of water flowing over the falls.

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