While you were away…

Hi y’all.

It seems there were a number of you lucky buggers who had holidays this week (USA, Canada, Venezuela, and Burundi, just to name a few), or who were sucked into the World Cup or the Tour de France.

I’ve felt a little neglected.  I missed you.  But I was still a busy beaver, writing away.

Here’s what you missed from me whilst you were busy fete-ing:

  1. I wrapped up a very long list of all the guys I slept with (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)
  2. A wrote a story of meeting a lovers wife and the drama that not surprisingly ensues.
  3. If you missed the fact that my ex is leaving me a single parent for 2 years whilst he takes a job elsewhere, here’s the agreement we drafted.
  4. A cute little post demonstrating another reason why giving a guy another chance will often backfire.
  5. You think women don’t talk in explicit detail about the dudes they sleep with? Think again.
  6. Finding out that my grandfather and an uncle sexually abused one of my aunts. Good times.

Not that I am envious of your holidays, but – oh, scratch that – I desperately need a vacation. Yes, I went on one back in May with my Son.  Yes, I have a very special male visitor coming in August. But I feel like my resilience is being tested. I could use some down time, NOW…if anyone has a beach house anywhere, let me know 🙂

I might even settle for a view of a quiet pond.

I could pay you in stories and wine and advice and organizing cupboards and drawers.  Sound like a fair deal?

0 thoughts on “While you were away…

  1. Hmmmm….there’s nothing special to see where I live so there’s not much I could offer you. Might you be interested in the grandeur of the mighty (polluted) Ohio River?

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