What the heck happened to me last week?!

In some ways, there is an added benefit to not having new dating exploits to write about. I get to think about other stuff as well. Ideas that have been roaming around in my head finally get to fight to be the ones I write about.

I spent this past weekend at the farm property of good friends and their two daughters. My son and their eldest have the kind of relationship that will see them either kill each other or marry each other. This weekend, they did pretty well. They ran to and from the barn, caught frogs at the pond, and sat side-by-side colouring.

Meanwhile, the three grown-ups drank 8 bottles of wine in 2 nights. Yup.

It was perfect because I managed to not think constantly about my ex leaving or my pending surgery on Tuesday. Of course we talked about both, but it was not the primary focus. We also talked about sex and open marriages and Johnny Id and food and all kinds of other things. We ate steak and shrimp and cheeses and ricotta-filled fried zucchini flowers and life was really good.

I didn’t get a lot of time to write anything on the weekend. I usually manage to hammer out a couple posts, which helps me keep up my every-day habit when I am otherwise uninspired or too busy. Alas, that didn’t happen. But for whatever reason, I few things I wrote last week really seemed to resonate with people – I’ve never seen such long and heartfelt comments.

So if you missed them (I was terribly inconsistent with the posting times), here are the posts that graced my blog last week:

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    • Thanks, handsome!

      I’ve used my son as inspiration…there are a few posts coming this week (in case I’m all stupid and weird from being under a general anesthetic tomorrow, I thought I should schedule something!) based on the conversations we’ve had about Johnny Id. Hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚

  1. Hmm, while I originally stumbled upon your writing via another blog, what has always kept me in your sphere is how your voice carries and resonates with me. Yes, of course, topics (aka post titles), especially those with a salacious bit of fun, bring people in, but frankly, regardless of topic and whether or not I agree, it’s your voice I want to hear. You are clearly smart, intelligent (I believe there is a difference between the two), sexy, witty and human. very. very. human. When I log into WordPress there are a few blogs that I look for via my “reader” and try to catch up in chronological order-probably no surprise that yours is one of those. Seriously.

    That said, I’ve enjoyed the postings of this past week, very much. Thought provoking as well as one or two that made me laugh out loud (and according to my colleagues, my laugh is *very* loud) – and those that take the time to comment on your blog – I love to read the thoughts of other followers as well.

    I don’t know if you’ll see this prior to your surgery as I’m guessing that it’s already late afternoon out your way (I’m further west than JohnnyId!), but I hope it went as planned and you will be home in your own bed, resting and finally getting to have some liquids and a small bit to eat…soon. Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery…~m

    • I’m really touched by your words. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how humbled and happy I am to read why you stick with me, per se. Well, I guess I can try:

      I never thought when I started writing, that it would do anyone any good except me. To know that my words resonate with others, at any level, I find extraordinary.

      Thanks for the kind wishes…I’m back home recovering now πŸ™‚

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