Turns out, today was a great day

I’m used to having all these thoughts roaming around in my head – I feel like I practically think in blog posts these days. But the last couple of days I haven’t been inspired. I found that interesting gender-reversal video and after some debate, in the absence of having any completed posts, I decided to put it up yesterday.

My general inability to write was hampered by the fact that I was also home sick. I went to bed Sunday night with a sore throat and woke up with a whole body ache. I worked the whole day in bed. Did a bit of texting but otherwise, actually worked. Caught up on emails. Took some calls. Had a nap. Didn’t masturbate, which should tell you how I felt.

Today I had to be in the office for some specific meetings, so I rallied and dragged my ass into work. At some point between meetings I checked my blog stats and did a double take  – WTF?  In addition to posting the video, I commented on someone else’s blog post about feminism yesterday, making reference to the video. When you comment on this blog, it automatically includes a link to your latest post.

Seems it hit a nerve, because I had a ton of viewings of that post. Not that it’s been translating so much into new readers…but was pretty crazy (at least for me). As of right now, that post has gotten 455 views. So, I guess people like that kinda shit. Lesson learned. It’s still not my thing, but good to know.

So that was good thing #1.

Good thing #2 is that I lost a bet. Yeah, I know, that seems strange, but I made a bet with Johnny Id that a post of his ass would garner as many views at my tits did. You can read the context of our conversation on his post here.

And…he writes about how I lost the bet at this post here.

As he’s said, he showed me the draft of the post he wants to put up here. I kinda have to let him because I don’t fink out on bets. But I’m highly uncomfortable with it. You’ll see why.  Since I’ve written nothing for tomorrow, perhaps I will cave and let Johnny have his way with my blog tomorrow.

And finally, good thing #3 was that the good deed I referenced in my weekend burst of productivity post, was delivered today. And while I didn’t do it to be thanked, I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful thank you not than the one I received, publicly, from The Hook.

My friend, you are most welcome.

(Oh, and I almost forgot…the box I mailed to myself last week from my business trip because I bought a couple pairs of shoes and a bunch of bras and they wouldn’t fit in my carry-on? It arrived today safe and sound, despite my forgetting what floor of the building I worked on.) 

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      • Na! Maybe you guys can retry the experiment, with some other body part of him like maybe his sexy abs or upper arms?

        I’m more than 10 years your junior. When I saw a pic of my own tits the other day (which was immediatly deleted) I thought that mine look quite similar to yours – so you really need to feel complimented about that.

        • Well, we’ll see if this kick started his inner voyeur…he definitely did receive some drooling praise 😉

          And thank you…I will take that compliment to heart since I know you aren’t trying to sleep with me!

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