The harshness of women

Men know that women talk. But the harshness of the conversations I have with my friends still surprises me at times. Especially via text, when the summary of a date or of sex is to the point and brutal in its honesty.

Case in point below:


I’m pretty sure this dude would be devastated if he found out that although he had a decent cock, he was considered overweight and not great at oral sex.

I also get reports on the kind of car they drive (which makes not a whit of difference to me, for the record), how good a kisser they were, how they smelled (sadly, the dude above didn’t smell so great) and how well they handled my friend’s seemingly incessant questions.

Sorry, guys.

25 thoughts on “The harshness of women

  1. You know, I find this quite amusing. It’s always the cliche that guys get together and talk about their conquests, but in all the years of my life and my many passionate encounters, I have never once done so, nor has a single one of my guy friends ever given me the details of their adventures. But women? My women friends have made me blush with their tales of their intimate escapades. πŸ˜‰

      • Could be! Though that would seem awkward to me…the only place I have ever gone into detail has been either in writing (the names have been changed to protect the guilty ;)) or in sexy time talk, for those who get into that sort of thing. πŸ˜‰

  2. I have long known that women engage in this kind of behavior. All the more reason to always be a considerate lover, and to watch one’s weight and nutrition. You never know when a positive review from a former lover might earn you a notch in a new lover’s bedpost.

  3. I agree with Mark Baron, in that men don’t tend to get into details. If we do on occasion decide to kiss and tell, we keep it high-level, e.g. “was ok”, “very kinky” or, the worst, “boring”. We don’t break out into a gymnastics-style scoring contests involving technique and originality. Simple creatures us men…

  4. I do know women are notorious “kiss ‘n tellers”. I tend to agree with the gents above, men, on the whole, are much more civilized about this.

  5. I work with all men and I assure you, men talk this way too. My guy friends go into microscopic detail with me. And I do the same with them. It isn’t about gender. It’s about comfort with the person and comfort with the subject matter, I think.

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