Sometimes, it is hard to be a woman

This isn’t usually the kind of thing I do on my blog…but I make an exception for this interesting and thought-provoking short film from France.

Yes, guys, this is what it’s often like to be a woman.


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  1. Well glad you made the exception as it truly is a thought provoking video.

    Thing that makes me mad though is that last part. as if it would be your own fault by the way you dress..

    Maybe we have lost some common sense and some important values, Like respecting the opposite sex.

    Thank you for sharing.

      • I have come to an understanding that the line between teasing, flirting and being obnoxious is very thin.

        It is like we do not know when to stop. Was a good video.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Of course we could expect the Police role being reversed from watching too much TV (not that is doesn’t really happen, it does. just predictable). What caught me was the wife’s arrival… more focused on her success and less on what had happened to him. Lastly, as pointed it our by Ranting Crow, the blame put on the way one dresses? Disgusting that it would be a “good” excuse.

    • You are welcome! And yeah, I liked that part too, with the wife…it’s that not-so-subtle reinforcement that you are not the priority and your concerns means nothing.

  3. I know this kinda shit happens to women. I read about it. I hear about it. It pisses me off, frankly. Seeing this video, even with the roles reversed, pissed me off. I really don’t understand what makes people think it’s okay to treat other people like they don’t matter, or that they’re objects to be desired or discarded.

    Fuck people…

    • I find it fascinating because I read a blog yesterday that said when you get catcalls you know you are having a good hair day. Two days ago a random dude said “why hello gorgeous” to me on the street. I don’t mind it…but then I watch this video and in aggregate, it’s not good. Slippery slope and all that.

  4. So I had to check it out and add myself to your list of lookers. This is so disturbing, partly because we find it disturbing. This should be fiction that we all just say “Oh that could never happen.” But it does. I’m glad you put it up there and even gladder it has garnered lots of attention.

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