Sidebar: A sure fire way to know who your friends are??

…have surgery.

See who reaches out to you and who doesn’t (of those who know, of course).

Just like dating, I guess, in these situations you discover where you rank with your friends. Or you discover maybe people you thought cared about you, aren’t really friends at all. At least not the kind who are there for you when you need them.

This applies to real-life and blogging friends, as it turns out.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my friends who have reached out to me. You have a special place in my heart. Assuming all goes well, I will be back to y’all late this afternoon.

0 thoughts on “Sidebar: A sure fire way to know who your friends are??

  1. You are in my thoughts.

    Hope all goes well, and you can always tweet me or I’m on Facebook as well. If you are interested I will give you the details. + I obioulsly have e-mail.

    Speedy recovery.

    • Thanks so much, Serins πŸ™‚

      The surgery did go well and I’m home recuperating now.

      I think I have your twitter info but I’m not on there much…got a little freaked out a while ago at how quickly stuff could spread there, and I have lots of friends on Twitter…way fewer here. So all in all, I stopped tying my posts to Twitter so that it reduces the risk of being “found”.

  2. As a new reader, I too hope that all goes well. You have one of those spirits that is missed when quiet… Quick recovery, from a shoulder that is available….

  3. Yes, best of luck to you and a quick and healthy recovery.

    This is a lesson I’ve learned all to well and seemingly continue to learn, though you’d think (hope with all your heart) once would be enough.

  4. surgery. yup, right up there with moving and losing a job!

    in all seriousness – sending nothing but positive thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery. especially with johnnyid’s impending visit πŸ™‚

    • Wow… 9 surgeries in 2.5 years is so much. I can understand that yes, you would have a lot of experience in how people react (or don’t!) to you in these situations.

  5. As you know, I’ve been wallowing in self-pity, but that’s no excuse, is it? Heal well, my lovely friend.
    You’ve been there for me. (My colleagues haven’t even reached out.)

  6. Well… they should have opened the drapes and dumped you out the front door by now. Too bad Johnny couldn’t have come today to look after you. Although I bet he wouldn’t have brought Caramels. I, on the other hand….

    Looking forward to seeing your smiling face around here again. I know it all went well.

  7. This rule doesn’t just apply to friends. I had surgery two years ago and my girlfriend at the time did about a hundred shitty things I should have realized were major red flags at the time (in my defense, the pain meds had me pretty foggy). Take it easy and let yourself heal. Be well.

    • Wow, that’s terrible. But yeah, I guess we learn all kinds of things about people when they are under stress, or different kinds of demands are made of them. I’m sorry to hear it. And thank you for the kind wishes!

  8. Get well soon! You’re right, though. Its enlightening to find out who cares at times like this. Several years ago 2 of my vertebrae were fused together. 2 calls is what I got.

    • Thanks for the well wishes. Yikes, that’s a terrible realization.

      I think for me, not with the surgery, but with my split from my ex, I also realized there were friendships that I hadn’t put much work into. It was part of my journey over the last year, to rebuild old ones and find new ones as well…so in times like this, I feel like I have a support network. I’m still working on it!

        • I had full removal of my fallopian tubes and I think you had something similar. I am the proud owner of three holes in my gut (and it’s cool, they remove the tubes through your belly button). So it was under a general anesthetic, which has it’s own after-effects, and there is pain and discomfort when I move around. But so far not so much pain that I’ve needed any narcotics…so feeling really good about that.

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