Look what landed in my lap today

I’m a bit of a loser…I wrote this post last night and managed to publish it effective yesterday morning, not evening…which explains why none of y’all commented on the lol moment I had below. So…I’m trying again.

Hey Sean Smithson… You will be my bedtime companion this evening 🙂

And on a totally unrelated note…I LITERALLY JUST NOW just got a “text to phone” message from none other than…. keep your pants on…





The message in question? “Hi”.

Lol. My son just asked me “Mummy, what’s so funny?”

I guess it’s been about 8 weeks since he said “blow me”… it’s a record!

0 thoughts on “Look what landed in my lap today

  1. Huzzah. It finally turned up. Thank you once again for ordering a copy, Ann. Though I hope it doesn’t give you nightmares!

    And with regards to this Shenanigans chap, how did you respond?

  2. I saw your lol moment, but I was honestly unsure what to say about it that hasn’t already been said. That guy is a douche, obviously, and seems to only contact you when he has no other options. Or when he wants his, erm, ego stroked.

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