My special kind of hell

I’m dreadfully hungover as I write this. Waiting in the car whist my ex and my son are in a coffee shop because my son had to poo.

Why, you ask?

Well I’m hungover because I was out dancing last night. Out late the night before as well.

I’m in my car because we are dropping my son off today to a sleepaway camp for 3 nights. MyΒ little six year-old who has never gone to sleep on his own (not counting times he nodded off in a car, of course). So I’m a little anxious about this new milestone.

My ex can’t drive him, because in our split, I got the station wagon (which I’ve since sold) and he got our two, two-seater convertibles. One is a classic 1961 Mercedes. The other is a 20 year-old Mercedes 500SL that I bought for him in a charity auction that had less than 20,000 km on it. Not that I’m bitter. Okay, maybe a little. My car is fast and handles well, but nothing compares to that car. At least in my price range. Harrumph.

Okay, moving right along.

So, we are all in my car today, driving my son to camp. Then the two of us will drive back.

Did I mention it’s about a 3 hour drive each way?

Yup. Six hours in a car with my ex.

I think it’s a real testament to how well we are doing – although I jest about hell – that it really has been just fine. No bickering, no drama, just funny conversations and singing along to the music and all the great things that go with a road trip.

Gotta jet. Would be awkward for him to see me writing a post when he doesn’t know I blog.


Update. We made it to-and-fro without incident. My son was happy and excited but I could see the anxiety on his face when I kissed him goodbye. I’m sure he’ll be fine but of course, I do worry.

My ex and I survived the three hours back without incident. We talked about his relationship with Colleen, he wanted more details about how I met Johnny (the story I use for real life people who don’t know I blog is that we met in an online writers group). We talked a lot about his upcoming job and hammered out a few more details on how we would handle things.

We laughed a lot. We puzzled over stories we hear of terrible breakups, people acting without any consideration for the long-term damage. People thinking only about “getting even” or trying to “win” and ultimately, your relationship is so soured it’s almost impossible to make good joint decisions moving forward. So much bad blood.

I’m really proud of us.

But my body still really hurts.

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  1. Wow! you can really be proud.

    My parents are divorced. Having the two of them sit in a car together for three hours would give me nightmares, because of anxiety.

    Just immagine what stress I was in when I got married, since I wanted them to sit at the same table.

    πŸ˜‰ Dancing Queen hey?

    • My ex’s parents divorced 6 months before we got married, after they’d been together for 30+ years. I can totally feel your pain!! I think a lot of anti-anxiety meds were consumed that day.

      And yeah, maybe a little dancing…

  2. My parents have not said a nice word to each other since they divorced. I’m scared to see what happens at any sort of wedding I have. I’m sure it’ll turn into the best episode of cops ever.

    Telling people how you met someone that doesn’t understand a part of your life is hard and weird. I met my boyfriend that I love dearly online, specifically on World of Warcraft. People who didn’t play the game get a completely different story than people who know about my obsession I had with that game.

    Also, I would have fought long and hard for that Mercedes.

    • I always hope people can put their own BS aside for weddings and birthdays but alas, it doesn’t happen. My ex’s parents still can’t be in the same room and they split over a decade ago.

      I don’t like to lie about things but can totally understand where you are coming from on telling people how you met your boyfriend!!

  3. I’m impressed that the two of you did that. Says a lot for who you are as human beings. I’m also impressed that you’re hung over. Sometimes we just need to get out and have a GOOD TIME!!

    Hope it was worth the hangover. It usually is.

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