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Yes, the city was still standing after Marian Green and I spent a Friday night together. Our adventure – where we shared spit and lip gloss – can be found at this link here. But we just couldn’t get enough of each other…we also had plans for Saturday night.

My Saturday was rather subdued.  Normally I would have my son but since my ex had been traveling the past 10 days he picked him up a day early. There was nothing I really had to do, although I should have used the time to pack for my business trip, put the laundry away, pack my son’s stuff for camp, and finish a strategy paper for my new team.

But nope. I shirked off all responsibilities.

First of all, I slept in until 11am. It was bliss. Being a parent and having a job that requires some semblance of pretending I’m a morning person means I’m truly ruined for sleeping in. Left to my own devices, I will stay up really late, but I always wake up at 6 or 7am, no matter what. If I’m patient, and manage to not get my brain going, I can sometimes go back to sleep. Saturday morning I was successful.

I had a headache not from tequila but from lack of coffee. I padded downstairs and made myself a latte and decided to drink it in bed. I eyed the lounge chair on the little balcony off my bedroom, but my bed was more appealing. You see, the combination of my pre-existing state of heightened arousal, along with my pre-sleep video chat sex with Johnny, ensured I woke up feeling rather, well, randy…for lack of a better word. 

So basically? I masturbated all day. Probably about 6 times, but I lost count. Off and on I took breaks to text Johnny and some friends, and to draft my post about Friday night, but that’s all I really did. I may have brushed my teeth at some point. At 4pm I realized I’d eaten nothing so went back downstairs and heated up a leftover hamburger patty. Then back to bed I went.

Suddenly at 6:30pm I realized I was dangerously close to being late to meet my friend Katharine for dinner at 8pm. You see, Marian had a few other things planned and wasn’t 100% sure she could make it on Saturday night. So I arranged that Katharine and I would go for dinner and dancing, and then if Marian could join it was a huge bonus. But either way, I wouldn’t be left wanting to go out with nobody to join me.

I hauled my somewhat satiated ass out of bed, showered, and managed to make it to the restaurant only 5 minutes late.

You already know I was hungover the next day if you read my post on my 6 hours in the car with my ex husband. But here’s how I got that way:

I met Katharine for dinner. She runs her own company and given the type of work she does, knew the owners and the chef. We were treated very well. We shared a bottle of wine, then had even more. I told her about the latest with my ex leaving, and with Johnny, and she updated me on the situation with her ex. That story could fill a whole other blog post. Suffice it to say that Katharine is not in the same place as me with her split. She is still very sad. Feels like she has failed at marriage. She finds it incomprehensible that I am not sad, nor do I regret my decision.

She heavily flirted with our waiter who admittedly, was very cute.

Marian confirmed she would join us. Yay!

I told her about Marian. Well, to be clear, I told her the story that Marian and I had put together, given Katharine does not know I have a blog. She was told that Johnny and I met via an online writing group. As it turns out, I had done some work where Marian lives, so we came up with a simple obfuscation that required little additional lying on our parts – that Marian was a friend of someone I knew from work, and we met and hit it off and have been in touch since.

Enter Marian.

We order another round of drinks… wine for me, whiskey for Marian. Katharine can’t stay sitting down because she is in an unforgiving dress and ate too much. Yes, guys, this shit happens to women. Be very happy you are male.

We tell Katharine our Friday night story. She literally cannot believe that Marian would share her “catch” by suggesting he kiss me. Interesting insight into my friends psyche. She was astounded.

We talk about living a life of no regrets. One of them brings up my picking up that cop…so I regale them with that story. By now, we are all fully warmed up.

It’s decided we move on to the dancing portion of our evening. It’s a bit of a shit show at first. Katharine is generally pretty focussed on doing things that are “cool”. I just want to dance. We pop by the place whose guest list I put us on. They weren’t yet open.

Fine. We go to another place that Katharine knows because she did some work for them. Downstairs to the bar, which is empty. Fuck it. The music is awesome and we need to drink. We order a round from the young and stunning bartender. Seriously, she was gorgeous. Katharine starts her trademark drilling questions and her target is Marian, who was brilliant in her responses, deftly dodging and weaving anything she didn’t want to answer.

After a couple of rounds we go back to the first place. We are not allowed in because Marian is wearing wedge flip flops. Sigh. Who knew? Damn.

So, back we go to the place with the hot bartender. There are more people there now but it’s far from packed. We choose different spots at the bar. Occasionally, random guys talk to us. But I want to dance. So I dance…right at the bar.

My phone died. I felt all smart because I brought a portable charger since my phone has lately taken to going from 20% charge to dead instantly. The portable charger didn’t work either. Still doesn’t. This wouldn’t be noteworthy except for the fact that my lack of communication caused Johnny some heartache that night. He wrote about it in his post about how his past fucks him up. Marian’s phone didn’t work where we were, and I actually don’t know his number so couldn’t use Katharine’s. So I went silent.

More drinking. Dancing. Chatting. It’s loud. We are having fun. We decide to go to another bar. A bar that would be considered a bit alternative… goths would fit right in. So the southern lass, the stylish diva, and me, walk to the bar filled with women with lots of black eyeliner and men who spend a lot of time gaming online. Yes, it does sound like the beginning of a joke.

Of course, I order proscecco. It has served me well all evening and I like how it makes me feel. So yeah, I’m drinking sparking wine at a goth bar. Sue me.

I get lost in dancing. The music is great and varied. I dance alone, I dance with a cute short Asian woman, with a chubby lesbian couple both with heavy dark makeup, with a really really white dude who is totally out-of-context in his polo shirt, with a chocolate coloured man with dreadlocks. Yes, I dance with Marian and Katharine too. I try to pull random strangers from the bar to get them to dance. I just, dance.

The next thing I know, its last call. Katharine had left Marian and I perhaps an hour earlier. There is a gaggle of men and women left. One dude is tall and built and won’t dance. In my drunken state, this irritates me to no end. It becomes my mission to get him to dance. Eventually, it works. He’s not a great dancer.

The DJ, with great irony, plays Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” as the last song of the night. Marian and I are on the dance floor, singing at the top of our lungs. It’s a beautiful bonding moment.

Then, suddenly, we are out on the street. There are no taxis. It’s 3am by now. My phone is dead so I can’t use the taxi app or call. We are talking to 2 of the guys we were dancing with. I remember one of them was in the film business. The other one has a car. I’m missing part of the conversation Marian is having but the next thing I know he has offered to take us home. This seems like a good idea, and it was. He dropped Marian off first, then me. I have no idea what his name is, but if Marian hadn’t arranged this we may have been on the street for another hour.

After all, what are friends for?

I get home, plug in my phone, drink water while I wait for it to start up, then text Johnny… and quickly crash in a proscecco induced stupor.

Sorry if you were expecting drama or a story of Marian and I making out on the dance floor. It was simply a long, random, amazing evening.  And I hope for many others with her.

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  1. Talk about double trouble…. but can’t imagine the pleasure of just getting to say Hi to the two of you…lol. Even old goat’s can dream… and do.

  2. What does it say about me that my favorite line here is “I may have brushed my teeth at some point.”? I loved the story but that line just shows how entranced you were in your other activities during the day. It was spectacular!

    A very enveloping read. Sounds like quite the weekend. And you mentioned the bar tender was hot, but was she engaging? You see, you need to find a (not necessarily hot) bartender who will dance with you on top of the bar, while pouring tequila shooters for the two of you .

    Ahem. Ahem.

  3. Sounds like you got to have a lot of fun! I would have loved to be there, seeing y’all in action at the goth club. And not because I was once embarassingly goth myself. (I got better).

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  5. Well having a good toothbrushing and a full day of masturbation sounds like ideal preparation for an epic fun night. And talking about a life of no regrets. Boy, not something I could talk about. Marian sounds like an engaging companion. Must have been interesting to be sandwiched between her and Katharine. Some sandwich!

  6. This was great. I am fully comfortable talking about masturbating, but I guess I feel like the world will end if I blog about it. I am silly sometimes.

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