My mom discovered my butt plug door stop

This was so funny I didn’t want to wait to post it.

So most of you know I’m at home, recuperating from surgery I had yesterday. My Mom went to the hospital with me, drove me home, fed me, made sure I didn’t die overnight, has fed me some more, and will be leaving tonight. Although I’m still really sore, I’m able to move around so think I’m fine on my own at this point.

As you may have read, I am literally using a massive butt plug as a door stop in my bedroom. Some of you commented that anyone would recognize what it is, instantly upon sight.


My Mom came up into my bedroom to see if I wanted some lunch. She sat down beside me on the other side of my bed. In full view of the butt plug. Here was the resulting conversation:

  • Mom: Oh, that’s a cute doorstop, Ann. It’s unusual. Where on earth did you get that?
  • Me: Um, it’s a bit of a long story.

Insert uncomfortable pause here as my Mom waits for me to explain. I say nothing. I’m also typing out an email at the same time, so I just pretended to be busy.

  • Mom:Β Hmm. Well, it is rather phallic looking.
  • Me: Yes Mom. Let’s just say I ordered something significantly bigger than I intended.

She laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes. I gave her a full-on giggle fit. I can’t laugh because it hurts.

Now, I’m not sure if she knew it was an anal plug specifically, but she definitely figured out it was a sex toy. My Mom knows I blog, so I told her that I had written a post about it and that some of you suggested it would be interesting to see who recognized it right away.

My Mom is awesome.

0 thoughts on “My mom discovered my butt plug door stop

  1. That is awesome!

    I’m pretty sure my mother would keel over and die in a similar situation…but not before shaking her head sadly and wondering where she went wrong.

  2. LOL! I would have just said that I bought it off the internet. Way to embarrassed to even talk about that kind of thing. probably would have turned red in the face.

  3. Your mom sounds awesome!

    Now that I’ve made it back here, when not on a mobile browser, I have to wonder if you’ve tried to take even just a fraction of that toy in your pussy or ass…

    • Yes I did πŸ™‚
      If you search “dog trainer” you will get the story…

      And yeah my Mom is awesome. Last week she told me if I was horny (my word) I should just use my “friends” in the bedroom…

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